• My goal as a Visual Arts Educator is to provide students with a sampling of art from a variety of different cultures and art styles, as well as give them an opportunity to utilize various art techniques and materials.

    Course Focus:

    6th grade - Explore art from historical world cultures and learn about careers in the visual arts.

    7th grade - Examine art movements of the Western art tradition and develop art analysis skills.

    8th grade - Strengthen various studio art skills to prepare for further Visual Arts Education, and gain insight into the creative process.

    Class Outlines (The following are lists of the main art projects for each grade level.)

     6th Grade

    1. Interpretive Color Wheel
    2. Cave Art
    3. Egyptian Self-Portrait
    4. Chinese Painting
    5. Greek Mosaic
    6. Maori Koru Scratch-art
    7. Celtic Illuminated Manuscript Lettering
    8. African Textiles
    9. Australian Dot Painting

    7th Grade

    1. Intro. to Art Elements / Line Activity
    2. Rennaisance and One-point Linear Perspective (DaVinci, Sanzio)
    3. Pointillism (Seurat, Signac)
    4. Surrealism (Dali, Magritte)
    5. Abstract Expressionism (Kandinsky)
    6. Pop Art (Lichtenstein)
    7. Optical Art (Riley)
    8. Street Art (Haring)

    8th Grade

    1. Contour Line Drawing
    2. Value (Still-Life)
    3. Sculpture (Calder, Curry)
    4. Collage (Treece)
    5. Botanical Drawing (O'Keefe)
    6. Weaving (Moody)
    7. Positve/Negative Space (Japanese Notan)
    8. Negative Space (Silhouette with Pattern)
    9. Grid Drawing
    10. Two-Point Linear Perspective



    Three different types of grades are earned in my class.  

    • Classwork grades are small assignments or mini-lessons.  

    • Projects are artwork assignments that take multiple days to complete, and subsequently count for more toward the final class grade.  They are graded based on a student's adherence to specific requirements, as well as craftsmanship and creativity.  

    • Participation grades are based on a student's class citizenship and overall positive contribution to the classroom environment.