WrapAround Weather Policy

    If CCS is delayed one hour, WrapAround is delayed one hour --- open at 7am.  
    If CCS is delayed two hours, WrapAround is delayed two hours --- open at 8am.
    If CCS is delayed three hours, WrapAround is delayed three hours --- open at 9am. 

    CANCELLATIONS:  If CCS is closed, WrapAround is closed. 
    EARLY DISMISSALS:  If CCS dismisses early, afternoon WrapAround is closed. 
    ANNOUNCEMENTS:  Weather-related changes for WrapAround (delays/closings) are communicated:

    • WBTV - Channel 3
    • WSOC-TV - Channel 9
    • CCS Website - Info will scroll across the top of the home page
    ACCOUNTS:  If WrapAround is closed, accounts are credited for the charge equal to the closure.