• If you are absent on lab day, you have two choices in how to make up that lab grade. You only choose one of these options to make up a missing lab grade.

    Option 1 (actually cooking)

    1. You can cook our recipe at home. If you would have difficulty cooking the lab recipe, then see Ms. Hadley privately about an alternate recipe.
    2. Have someone take photos of you as you do the work. You must have five photos for full credit.
    • The photos are:
    • You with your ingredients or mis en place.
    • 2, 3, 4. A series of three photos with you preparing your recipe at various stages (Think beginning, middle end).
    • 5 A photo of you with your finished product.

    You MUST APPEAR in all the photographs.

    1. Write a lab reflection (1/3 to 1/2 page) about your experience.

    4. Turn in the lab reflection and show your photos to Ms. Hadley. The photos do not have to be printed. Showing them on a phone or other device or emailing them to Ms. Hadley will be fine.



    Option 2 (Bookwork makeup)


    1. Using our cookbooks in the classroom or other resources, choose a recipe of equivalent (equal or close to the same) difficulty and skills.

    2. Copy the complete recipe below.

    3. Make a flow-chart of the recipe, putting each step in a new flow chart box on the back of your paper.

    4. Write a reflection explaining why you chose the recipe and what appealed to you about it. You also should include a link to what we are studying. How does your recipe help you with our classroom work?