• Click on the links below for interactive activities.  Some of the websites may require you to enable Adobe Flash Player on your computer or device.


    Free Rice

    Answer math questions and help those in need at the same time!  Create a login ID to track how much you have donated to help feed the hungry!

  • Math Help- This website has lots of math practice and math games!  You can choose a specific topic directly from the homepage or you can choose a grade level for more options.

  • Two-Way Tables

    *Two-Way Tables - Students can answer questions about information provided in two-way tables.  Students get immediate feedback on their answers.

  • Transformations & Dilations


    *Dilations - This website gives background information and examples of dilations for students.  Once students have viewed the lesson, they click "forward" and answer the questions about dilations.  It will give them immediate feedback on whether or not they have answered the question correctly.  


    *Slide, Flip, Turn - This is a good website for students who are still struggling with the basic concept of translations, reflections, and dilations.  It provides a visual without the coordinates.


    *Transformations - Another great website to practice translations, reflections, and rotations.

  • Pythagorean Theorem

    *This is a great website to practice the use of the Pythagorean Theorem.  Students may choose a level from the list below that fits their individual needs.  The website includes a "help" tab that provides notes on using the Pythagorean Theorem.  

             *Level 1 - Solving for the hypotenuse only.

            *Level 2 - Solving for a missing side (leg) of the right triangle.

             *Level 3 - Mixed problems.

             *Level 4 - Pythagorean Theorem word problems.

             *Level 5 - Challenge Problem.