• Together We SOAR







    Discovery Zone



    Keep hands and objects to yourself Stay to the right, hands by your side, use all stairs when traveling Wait for your turn patiently Eat first, talk later Use equipment properly, stay within teacher designated bounderies Stay seated in designated area Stay in your seat, facing forward with bookbag in your lap


    Take responsibility and own mistakes Be responsible for yourself Wash hands (1 squirt of soap/1 paper towel), Paper towels in the trash Get everything you need the first time, clean up after yourself Wear appropriate clothing, take responsibility for your actions Be prepared with all materials Keep bus clean, treat others the way you want to be treated, be on time to bus stop, get to and from bus quickly


    Do your best Go directly to your destination Get in and out Encouraging conversations, use your manners Keep moving Ready to learn Get to and from school safely


    Treat others the way you want to be treated, use your manners Greet others with a quiet wave, speak to adult when spoken to Clean up after yourself Use inside voice, include everyone around you, be polite to cafeteria staff Take care of equipment, include everyone, be a good friend Follow teachers instructions, be polite to others Treat driver and other passengers kindly