• Extra Credit Information

Pi, Image (c) Pixabay
  • Students will have one opportunity per nine weeks to earn extra credit.  Extra credit will not be accepted after the set due date has passed.  In order for students to complete an extra credit assignment, all other assignments must be turned in first.  This means that a student cannot turn in an extra credit assignment if he or she has missing work or zeros for other assignments.  Each extra credit assignment is worth up to 30 points for the nine weeks.  Incomplete assignments will not be accepted.  


  • First Nine Weeks

    DEADLINE: October 12th

    Research Three Mathematicians

    Choose three of the following mathematicians to create a poster board detailing their contribution to mathematics.  You will compare and contrast these mathematical accomplishments of these individuals.  

    • Pythagoras

    • Archimedes 

    • Felix Klein

    • Euclid

    • Hypatia

    • Ada Lovelace

    • Galileo

    • Blaise Pascal

    For EACH person, you must complete the following:

    • Image of the person (5 points)

    • Date of Birth/Date of Death (2 points)

    • Describe their contribution to mathematics (what they are famous for discovering/creating) in no less than ten sentences. (8 points)

    • Explain the importance of their mathematical idea or creation and how it can be used in the real world. (5 points)

    • Posters must be creative!! Use color and graphics.  (5 points)

    • BE NEAT!!!  Writing must be legible. (5 points)

  • Second Nine Weeks

    DEADLINE: December 14th

     Create a Math Comic Strip


    Your comic strip must contain:


    *Ten panels (one square = one panel).  Ask Mrs. Jolley if you are not sure. (5 points).

    *Characters are of your own creation and hand-drawn.  You cannot copy and paste pictures from other resources.  (5 points)

    *Comic strip explains or demonstrates a math concept we have learned this year.  The math must be correct. (10 points).

    *You must use paper that is good quality (not notebook paper) and use a full sheet.  Comic strip must be mounted on colorful paper. (5 points).

    *Comic strip needs to be neat and legible. (5 points). 

  • Third Nine Weeks


    DEADLINE: March 8th 


    Create a Math Alphabet Book

    You will create a book demonstrating and using math terms.  You may use any letter of a given math word, but must highlight the letter in some way so it is obvious which letter is being used.  (Example: Pythagorean Theorem or Volume).


    For each letter, you must:

    • You must include all of the letters of the Alphabet.  You may have to be creative with some.  All letters must relate to a topic we have learned in our class or will study in the future (look ahead at our curriculum).  (3 points)

    • Include an image that demonstrates the mathematical concept you are trying to define. You must hand draw all of your images. (10 points)

    • You must include an explanation of what the topic is as well as what it is used for or how it is used.  Use complete sentences. (10 points)

    • Each page should be a full sheet of paper (8.5 x 11 inches).  You may use the front for one letter and the back for the consecutive letter. (2 points)

    • All pages should be checked for errors in grammar and spelling. (3 points)

    • The book should be neat and legible. (2 points)


  • Fourth Nine Weeks


    Deadline:  April 30th


     Create Five Math Puzzles


    You will create five math puzzles.  You may choose which types of puzzles you would like to create (word problem puzzles, hidden figures, crossword, word search, etc.).  You must choose at least two different types of puzzles to create, meaning that you cannot create only word searches.  These are your original puzzles that you created.  You cannot copy these from another source or plagarism consequences will be enforced.

    Each puzzle must:

    *Provide an original copy that has not been worked out. (3 points)

    *Include an answer key to be given to the teacher. (5 points)

    *Include at least ten problems or hidden figures for the word problems and hidden figure puzzles.  Word search and cross word puzzles must include at least twenty words. (5 points)

    *Use only math terms, ideas or problems from the content of our curriculum. (10 points)

    *Submit each on 8 x 11.5" paper. (2 points)

    *Be neat, legible, and creative. (5 points)