Severe Weather - Be Ready

  • During any impending or unsafe weather condition, the decision to delay, early release or cancel school will be made as soon as possible and communicated to families immediately. Safety is of the utmost importance, and we will make these decisions based on the well-being and protection of students and staff.
    The school district works closely with local support and service agencies, such as the American Red Cross, the Department of Social Services, the Caldwell County Health Department, law enforcement and emergency management to coordinate a response during severe weather conditions, ensuring that schools and residents in Caldwell County are promptly assisted and notified. The school district recognizes the resources provided by these agencies and applauds their day-to-day efforts in keeping families within our communities safe and secure. 
    Whenever school is not in session and a severe weather event occurs, parents are encouraged to address the needs of their immediate family first and then check on neighbors, extended family, and friends, especially those who may be sick or elderly. Together as a family, or as a community, being prepared for weather emergencies is critical to the effectiveness of the outcome. 

  • Current Status of Local Shelters - Shelters are Closed

    Previously, the county had provided at least one pet-friendly shelter.

    Several schools in the district are identified as potential Emergency Shelter locations. 

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    Any change in school hours will be announced via phone, email, text, social media, website, radio, television and local news outlets as soon as it is deemed necessary to cancel, delay or early release.

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