Parental Involvement

  • A child’s success in the classroom hinges on the level of involvement from home. This healthy relationship between home and school is nurtured in the Caldwell County Schools by providing parents multiple opportunities to be involved in their child's education. Research shows that when parents are involved in their child's education in positive ways, the child performs better on tests, displays good behavior at school, and attends school more often - three great reasons why parents should consider being involved in their children's education!

    To be more involved, please begin by reading the Parent and Family Engagement Policy approved by the Caldwell County Board of Education.

    Since the pandemic, parent involvement on campus has been limited; however, parent volunteers are gradually returning to the learning environment depending on the current health conditions of the community and the school. To be a school volunteer, apply through the Volunteer Tracker online. All Level 3 volunteers must have prior approval from the administration and have a current criminal records check on file.

    Parent Involvement equals Student Success

Parental Leave

  • 8.3 – Parental Involvement in Schools Leave

    8.3.1 Eligibility and Rate of Earning

    In accordance with G.S. 95-28.3, any employee who is a parent, guardian or person in loco parentis may take up to four hours per fiscal year to attend or otherwise be involved at his or her child’s school.  There is no requirement that the employer pay an employee while taking this leave.  However, the local school district may allow the employee to use eligible accrued leave in lieu of non-paid parental involvemen leave. 

    8.3.2 Conditions for Leave

    Leave granted for this purpose is subject to the following conditions:
    • (a) The leave shall be at a mutually agreed upon time between employer and employee, 
    • (b) The employer may require an employee to provide a written request at least 48 hours before the time desired for the leave, and 
    • (c) The employer may require that the employee furnish written verification from the child’s school that the employee attended or was otherwise involved at the school during the time of leave. 
    8.3.3 Definition of School

    For the purpose of this policy, “school” is defined as any:
    • (a) Public school,
    • (b) Private church school, church of religious charter, or nonpublic school that regularly provides a course of instruction,
    • (c) Preschool, or
    • (d) Child day care facility.
    Legal Reference(s)
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