The role of a Professional School Counselor is to provide the school with a Comprehensive School Counseling Program (CSCP) by following the guidelines of the ASCA National Model. Through the CSCP, Professional School Counselors serve all students and help them become proficient in the areas of academic, personal/social, and career development. To ensure the students’ needs are met, I work with them individually (on a short-term basis), in small groups, and in the classroom setting. I also collaborate with parents and faculty/staff to address student concerns.  If you are interested in learning more about the role of a Professional School Counselor, please click on the link below.


     Students: I Am Here to Help You…

    • Move through elementary school smoothly
    • Understand and manage your feelings 
    • Deal with and fight against peer pressure and bullying
    • Set goals for your future 
    • Learn how to make good decisions

    Parents: I Am Available to Aid and Supply You With…

    • Help getting your child through elementary school successfully
    • Tools to help improve your child’s self-esteem and confidence
    • Tips on helping your child explore ways to reach their goals and become successful
    • Guidelines to enhance parent-child interactions
    • Referrals for community services when necessary

    Faculty and Staff: I Am Present To…

    • Work with you collaboratively
    • Offer support when needed
    • Facilitate problem solving
    • Provide you with information to help you implement interventions
    • Monitor and evaluate student progress