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       School Supply List for Mrs. Aydlett's Class Only

    Clorox Wipes

    Crayons (Crayola please)

    Highlighters (thin pack with multiple colors)

    Tissues (3 boxes)

    Pencil top  erasers (the more the better!)

    Pencils (Ticonderoga please! 2 packs)

    Scissor (Fiskar please)

    Ziploc Bags (choose one: gallon or quart)

    Spiral notebooks (wide ruled/3 please)

    Elmer's glue sticks (the ones that say 'go on purple/dry clear' are best)

    A complete change of clothes (in a bag labeled with child's name)

    *Optional: Roll of paper towels (any brand)

    Safe shoes daily! No flip-flops or sandals. Dressy shoes are ok for picture day.


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    Grading Policy

    4-Consistently Exceedingly Grade-Level Expectations

    3-Consistently Meeting Grade-Level Expectations

    2-Performing Below Grade-Level Expectations But Demonstarting Growth

    1-Performing Below Grade-Level Expectations And Having Considerable Difficulty 



    N-Needs Improvement