• Happy Valley School Parent Family Engagement Policy 


    At Happy Valley School, we believe it is essential for the school, parents, and the community to work together to provide the best educational experiences possible for each student. Parents are always welcome at the school and every effort will be made by the school staff to communicate and work closely with parents as we endeavor to build a strong and effective partnership.

    In order to develop and build this partnership between parents, the community, and the school, we will provide:

    • Annual public meetings where parents will meet the teachers and staff and will learn about Title I programs including open house and grade level conferences;
    • A School-Parent-Student Accountability Compact that will detail how parents, school staff, and students will share responsibility for successful learning;
    • Parent conferences that will provide parents an opportunity to learn about grade level expectations, academic assessments, curriculum requirements, Title I plans and expectations, state educational standards and other issues related to the success of individual students;
    • A survey of parents to provide a forum for parents to express their opinions about the current Title I program, as well as to share ideas for program improvement and topics for training;
    • Information through newsletters, the school website, social media sites (including Twitter and Facebook), and teacher communications to inform parents about the curriculum, the instructional program of the school, the proficiency levels their children must meet, along with activities and up-coming programs;
    • Materials and training to help parents work with their children to improve achievement along with training for the staff in working closer with parents;
    • Opportunities for parents to be involved in the planning and review of the school improvement plans and in strengthening parental involvement within the school including open nights at PTO meetings.



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