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    We use Letterland to teach phonics in a fun and memorable way. Your child will find out they are not learning about boring letters, but interesting full-of-life characters that become their special friends.  The Letterlanders help students remember each letter's shape, sound, and direction, and they live in a very special secret place called Letterland! 

    At Home Activities
    Try these Letterland-centered activities at home to encourage your child's learning...

    · Read to your child.

    · Help your child with letter sounds and correct letter formation (All letters except for "d" and "e" start from the top).  See the attachment below for letter formation tips.

    · Play act and retell the Letterland phonic stories together.  Make props of the characters (ex:  Harry Hat Man's Green Hairy Hat!) to dress up in.

    · Create arts and crafts together (ex: collages of the characters in different textured fabrics and finger trace over the letter shape).

    · Talk about the Letterlanders, linking them to daily life.  Discover, for example, that Clever Cat loves carrots, cabbage and cakes, etc. (any food that begins with her sound).

    · Identify letters when you see them in everyday life (stop sign, restaurants, etc).

    The possibilities are endless for using Letterland to learn about all sorts of things, so use your imagination and theirs.  Children quite often have the best ideas!