• Homework

    Homework #1 Each week your child will have a spelling list/sentences from Letterland. Lists are sent home on Monday, but if you ever need it, it is also available below.

    Letterland Parent Letter with Directions

    Look Say Cover Write Form

    2nd Grade Spelling Weeks 1-20

    2nd Grade Spelling Weeks 21-42

    Homework #2 Each week your child will bring home a story or article about a topic that is 2nd grade friendly. Please read this with your child nightly (at least 3 times each night). Ask your child questions and discuss what they have read and learned. On Friday, your child will be tested on comprehension. The goal is that he/she remembers and understand what is read.

    Homework#3 Wit & Wisdom is a new curriculum we began this year in 2nd grade. Part of the program includes a homework component. Please look for that to start coming home. This is an assignment that will involve parental support.

    Homework#4 Math and assorted projects will be sent home randomly throughout the year. Please be on the lookout for these assignments. Thank you, in advance, for assistanting your child to meet their homework goals.