• Syllabus:

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    Welcome to Math 1 End!


    I look forward to working with you this semester to help you be successful in this course and have a positive second-semester high school.


    In Math 1 End, students will be taught the remaining standards of the Math 1 curriculum and review material learned in Foundations of Math 1. For success in this course, students must maintain regular attendance, complete all assignments, study, participate in class and ask for help when needed.



      Pencils                                                        Notebook paper                                Graph paper

      1- large 3 subject spiral notebook                                                                       Colored pencils (optional)

      Optional - TI-84 Calculator - Calculators will be available for students to use in class.

         - Students may buy a calculator or rent one from school to use at home or in class if they choose.



    - Grades are based mainly on short in-class assignments that assess students’ understanding

    of course material.

    - These assignments may be announced or unannounced. Students are provided multiple

              opportunities to ask questions about the material before a graded assignment is given.

    - Homework will count up to, but no more than 10% of a student’s grade.

    - The Math 1 EOC will count as 20% of the final course grade.


    Students will have the opportunity to retake most class assessments to try to improve grades. Retake assessments are similar to the originals but do not contain the exact same questions. Students must complete retakes outside of regular class time and are strongly encouraged to get extra help to be sure they understand the material before retaking any assessment. As we review completed assessments, students will be expected to reflect on their work and make corrections as needed. Retakes will not be allowed on EOC review assignments and quizzes later in the semester, as once we get to review, assessments are graded much more frequently, and retakes will not be feasible.


    Late work

    Students are responsible to know what work they owe. In most cases, late work may be turned in for partial credit and should be turned in as soon as possible after the due date. Credit will not be deducted for work that is late due to absence, as long as it is completed in a timely manner.



      Try –Give your best effort with every assignment. Always write something down for every problem,                                              hard work and good effort will always be rewarded.  (lots of partial credit)

      Think –Always think carefully before you speak or act.

      Show Respect – Always respect yourself, others, and the school at all times.



    - It is a student’s responsibility to get notes and assignments missed due to absence.

    - Missed assessments should be made up within one week of absence.

    - Students may need to utilize time during Smart Lunch or arrange a time to stay after school to make

        up missed class assignments or assessments.



    Smart Lunch – My Smart Lunch schedule will be posted on my classroom door and on my webpage. Grades are reviewed weekly, and students with a D or F average will be assigned a mandatory math Focus session for that week. Mandatory Focus sessions for math are Monday during A lunch and Thursday during B lunch. Any skipped Mandatory Focus will result in Smart Lunch detention.


    My classroom will be open to students during most lunch blocks except those during which I attend mandatory math department meetings or have assigned supervisory duties. Students may use open Smart Lunch blocks to complete assignments or voluntarily get extra help.


    After School, I am normally available after school at least two or more days per week.  I am more than willing to work with any student who feels the need for some additional tutoring.  At this time my schedule is somewhat limited as I continue to have multiple physical therapy appointments after school each week.  During this time any after school tutoring will need to be scheduled with me, preferably a week ahead of time.  As the semester progresses I will eventually be available every Tuesday and Thursday after school until 4:00 p.m.



    Course Work

    All course work is to be completed in the student’s spiral notebook.  We will keep an updated table of contents in the front of this notebook and every assignment is expected to have a page listed in the table of contents. This includes classwork, homework, and any online delta math assignments.



    The purpose of homework in this class is to allow students independent practice that will help them determine whether they are understanding the skills and concepts of this course. Homework is assigned daily and typically should not take students more than 20-30 minutes to complete. Please let me know if homework is consistently taking excessive amounts of time to finish. Homework is due at the beginning of the class period, and all work must be shown for full credit. Because homework is usually a student’s first independent practice with a new skill or concept, homework grades will be earned based on cumulative assignment completion and effort for each nine weeks. Students are responsible for knowing if they are missing credit for any homework assignments and for turning in late work.


    Cell phones

    Cell phones should be off and out of sight during class time unless permission is granted by the teacher and/or it is being used for a specific lesson. If a student has a cell phone out without permission, it will be confiscated and may be taken to the office.




    Students should expect to have a math assignment almost every day. Progress reports will be sent home in the middle of each nine weeks. Please be aware of your child’s grade and study habits. PowerSchool can be accessed online through a parent or student portal. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me at school at 396-2188 ext. 386380 or email me ligreene@caldwellschools.com.

    The best times to reach me are during planning or after school.


    Planning – My planning is 3rd Period.

    Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – 12:00 – 1:25 and Wednesday 11:15-1:15


    Students and Parents

    Please sign and return the accompanying form indicating that you have read and understood this course outline. The form also requests contact and other information.