• HMS has two spirit rocks available for rent: one close to the school and one that can be seen from Cedar Valley Road.  

    • Rental fee is $10.
    • Rental time frame is Friday at 3:30 to the following Friday at 3:30.
    • Renters are responsible for all materials to paint the rock.  Renters may also hire someone to paint the rock (separate charge).
    • To rent the rock, please check for availablity on the calendar below.  Then send an email to hmspto@caldwellschools.com or send a message to the Hudson Middle School Facebook page.  Please indicate the rock location and the date requested.  Once your reservation has been confirmed, you can pay the $10 fee by turning in cash (exact change) or check to the school office or by going to the PTO Payment Page.
Rent me for birthday wishes, announcements, or thank you messages!