• Q: Will all the remote sites home back to 1914 Hickory Blvd? if not then the address of the data center?

    A: All sites will connect back to the Education Center at 1914 Hickory Blvd SW.


    Q: Wanted to understand the districts needs with respect to the design options and the switches/routers already in place.

    A: Layer 3 switches and routers are already in-place, we are looking for a Metro-E type topology.


    Q: The bandwidth range on the 470 is from 1G up to 10G, a pretty big range and can obviously help drive the design. Hoping you can help qualify what the realistic bandwidth requirements are for the elementary, middle and high schools, and non instructional facilities? We’d certainly include growth options as well.

    A: Elementaries and K8s are presently 1Gbps (Exception is Hudson Elem. that is 10Gbps), Middle Schools and High Schools are 10Gbps 


    Q: Assuming  the range of 1G up to 50G is for the data center? Would you really want a single 50G at that site?

    A: The aggregate point (Education Center) Should be a combination of multiple 10Gbps circuits up to 50Gbps.


    Q: What is the make and model of the networking equipment you have at your Hub Site?
    A: cisco


    Q: What is the make and model of the networking equipment you have at each of your schools / locations?
    A: cisco
    Q: Do you have an existing network diagram? If so, please attach.
    A: N/A
    Q:Do you currently have conduit entrances to your facilities?
    A: yes all
    Q: Many Districts are issuing two 470s. One for Month-to-month services and another for their long term needs. This helps "negotiate" with the current vendor or any  provider that is able to offer short term services in advance of switching and eases the transition timeline.
    A: just one 470
    Q: Network performance guarantees. How will the District score proposals on their Network Performance Guarantees and Service Level Agreements (SLAs)? Such as throughput, latency, packet loss
    A: There needs to be a SLA available
    Q: How will the District score solutions that offer Dedicated Fiber and no shared equipment relative to solutions that have shared fiber and equipment and likely oversubscribed networks?
    A: Willing to look at both solutions
    Q: Will the School District consider extending your current contract in order to accommodate a new fiber build with unlimited bandwidth?
    A: no
    Q: Will the School District consider using State Matching funds in order to pay Special Construction Costs per FCC Modernization Order #2?
    A: no