Request for Public Participation (Public Comment)

  • Regulation Code: 2310-R Public Participation (Public Comment) at Board Meetings Guidelines

    Welcome to the Caldwell County Board of Education meeting.

    We now invite comments during the Public Comment Period of the monthly Board Meeting.  This time is set aside for the Board to hear comments on programs, policies, and procedures.  The Board typically will not respond to the concerns expressed, but please be assured we will take all comments under appropriate advisement.

    To conduct the meeting in an orderly and efficient manner, the following guidelines have been established:

    1. Individuals requesting to speak during the public comment period may sign up using the form on the Caldwell County Schools’ website. The cut-off time to sign up to speak during the public comment period is 9:30 a.m. on the day of the meetings.
    2. Groups with a common issue are advised to select one spokesperson.
    3. Comments must be issue-oriented; complaints against any employee will not be heard in public session and should be submitted initially to the Superintendent.
    4. Proper decorum and civility is expected of all speakers. Speakers must refrain from personal attacks, insults, displays of temper or abusive language directed at the Board, individual Board members, staff, or members of the general public. In such cases, the Board Chair may terminate the speaker’s time.
    5. To maximize participation comments will be limited to three minutes per speaker.  A timer will appear on screen and an alarm will indicate the speaker has used the allotted 3 minutes.  The total time set aside for the public comment period is 21 minutes.
    6. Speakers may not yield or give their time to other speakers or trade their time slot with another speaker.
    7. In an effort to ensure the Board receives time-sensitive feedback from individuals who wish to share concerns about topics on the agenda, speakers addressing items on the Board’s monthly meeting agenda will speak first.
    8. The Chair (or designee) will invite to the microphone those who have registered to speak.  Please begin by stating your full name.
    9. Persons who interrupt, disrupt, or cause a disturbance at the meeting may be directed to leave by the Board Chair or presiding officer.

    Regulation Code: 2310-R Public Participation (Public Comment) at Board Meetings Guidelines

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