• 1. You need to be REALLY good with your multiplication tables! Almost everything we do in 6th grade math is built on multiplication facts.

    You can practice your facts online at this website: Quick Flash Cards

    Or, you can make your own flashcards using index cards, write the multiplication statement on one side and the answer on the other side. Then, practice!

    2. You should also know how to add multi-digit numbers. For example, 751 + 2,903 + 8. If you need a quick reminder, watch this Math Antics video tutorial: Math Antics: Adding Multi-Digit Numbers

    * This builds on knowing your place values!

    3. You should know how to add and subtract fractions - remember, you need a common denominator! (That's the number on the bottom). You can watch this Math Antics video tutorial for a refresher: Math Antics: Adding and Subtracting Fractions

    If you can come to my class having these three concepts down, it will make our year so much easier!