• Please keep in mind that this is a typical schedule for my team (other teams may have different schedules).

    Bus and/or car riders will enter the main building and proceed to their classrooms.

    BUT - for the first week of school, all 6th graders will meet in the gym and will walk with their homeroom teachers to their new homerooms. We don't want you getting lost!

    You will go to your lockers and get out what you need for your 1st and 2nd period classes. Store your jackets/hoodies and backpack in your locker.

    Homeroom time - announcements, attendance, etc. You will also get breakfast during homeroom time! Breakfast is free for ALL students and I strongly urge all my kids to get it, even if you eat at home. If you don't want to eat it then, you may want to save it for lunch or even take it home. We do have a breakfast area set up where extras can be placed so other students can take what they want/need.

    You will stay in your homeroom for your 1st and 2nd periods. Then you will switch classes - going to your lockers to put up materials from your 1st and 2nd period classes and getting what you need for your 3rd and 4th period classes.

    If you are in my homeroom, you will stay with me for math and science and then switch to Mr. Gragg's classroom for language arts and social studies.

    If you are in Mr. Gragg's homeroom, you will stay with him for language arts and social studies, then switch to my room for math and science.

    And sometime during the day, you will have Encore classes (art, computers, PE, band/chorus, CIS, Spanish, health, technology, etc).

    Lunch - You can either bring your lunch from home or buy lunch. We will have 25 minutes to eat (this includes time spent in line getting your lunch). You can also use our microwaves to heat up lunch!

    Recess - we don't get recess, or naps. I know, it's sad. But, on nice days and if we have the time, we will try to get outside for a quick walk and a breath of fresh air.

    You will go to your locker one last time at the end of the day to get your backpack and any materials you need to bring home.