Spring Fishing trip  

    Yearly Spring Fishing Trip 

    NASCAR Hall of Fame

     NASCAR Hall of Fame


  • Emotions game

    Emotions matching game

  • Art lesson with Mr. Charlie Frye



  • Cooking Christmas Breakfast

  • Visiting with comic book writer, Jeremy Whitley, when he came to our school in April


    Shopping for cooking supplies needed for a recipe.

  • Music at he Caldwell County Civic Center

  • Ancient Civilization projects: Students learned about the land and the people from Ancient China, Greece and South American Incas, Aztecs and Myans. 

    Working on the ancient civilization project about Greece with Mrs. Gilbert

    Comedy and Tragedy masks from Greece

    Chinese pagoda and artifacts made for ancient China project


    Inca man for ancient South American project along with Aztec music maker


  • Making robots out of a tooth brush and a pool noodle


  • This is what reading 365 books in one school year does for your grades!

  • End of the year Award's Day