Proficient Art
  • Prerequisites - Beginning Art I and Intermediate Art II


    Course Description:

    Proficient Art 3 is a semester course designed for art students who wish to continue learning about visual art and to grow as an artist. Students will apply the elements of art and principles of design to the creative process, explore techniques and media, to develop and expand their artistic skills, and to find their "voice" as an artist. Proficient Art 3 students are expected to use a variety of media, techniques, processes, and tools to compose original works of art that demonstrate understanding of the elements of art and principles of design, awareness of aesthetic concerns, and the ability to communicate ideas through artwork. This course explores the 4 aspects of Art: Production, Aesthetics, History and Criticism. Students will be asked to perform at a high level of creativity and craftsmanship.  Students should realize assignments are designed to exercise their imaginations as well as their application skills.  Portfolios will be developed during this course and presented at the end of the semester.