• HOMEPAGE Configuration
    The school district requires the use of specific apps on the homepage within the parameters of the currently selected design template. These applications are the MMG (Multimedia Gallery), Headlines & Features, Announcements, and Upcoming Events. The school district identifies and invests in the use of the website as a primary communication tool to provide information and messaging to parents and the community. The school district does not rely on one communications source, such as social media, to relay accurate and timely information.
    The previous photo application has been replaced with MMG (multi-media gallery) app in region A. However, the same placement rules apply in resizing photos to the appropriate specifications. AVOID stretching small images to fit the specified space. Each site should project three photos, no more than six, with title and caption included. As a best practice for the photo gallery, use landscape photo mode instead of portrait.  
    Headlines and Features app for the homepage - use the example of the layout on the school district page. Remember to include the text separately in the teaser text box. Once the article opens, you may include an image or flyer, but must also include the text there as well.  WE MUST BE ADA COMPLIANT! Remember, screen readers cannot read or decipher text embedded in images or flyers. The school district recommends at least three but no more than six stories active on the homepage at any given time.
    Never use the Document viewer app on the homepage. If you have documents that need to be shown, please add them to another page and use a hyperlink if needed.
    The Announcements app is ideal for use on each site's homepage. Separate announcements into relevant topics. Add each announcement individually as a new item inside the app. The items in the Announcement app will scroll from side to side. Each homepage should have only one Announcement app section. The Content app continues to be useable on the homepage in the lower regions E, F, and G. For ADA compliance, always add text to any image (png, jpeg, pdf, etc.) inserted in a content app. Images on the homepage should be 450 px in width or smaller, except for the banner images at the top. The Announcements app allows flexibility to announce items - utilize it.

Website Training

  • Please watch the recorded training session to learn how to edit your website. This is a two-hour training session, but you may stop and start the video as needed.

    You can also visit the recorded live training sessions on the Blackboard Learning Hub.  Many of these are very short tutorials that will help you see how to use certain apps on your website.  Look for the sessions on the Headlines & Features app, the new text editor toolbar, the Important Announcement, the Calendar, the Figure 8, the Tabbed widget app and many other topics for adding pages or sections to your site. 

    If you have questions, please call Angel Clark at the Education Center, ext 140144.  You can also email aclark@caldwellschools.com