• Mr. Dugger’s Blended Classroom


      A blended classroom allows for the pace of the material taught to be customized to each student.  This allows me to give extra time to those who need help with the practice or module.  The more advanced student can move on to the next module if they do not need extra help. Each student starts by watching a video of the lesson made by me.  Students are to answer the questions in my video and write down the notes and the examples in their spiral notebooks.  A grade will be given for the answers the student gives in the video.  Students will need to bring headphones or earbuds to watch the videos.  Also this format allows students who are absent to go online and have all the materials they need to do the assignment from home.


    A practice will be assigned.  Students work out each problem showing all their work in their spiral notebooks. They will be checking their answers in a Google form as they go.  A code will be given at the end of the Google form for students to write on the classwork.  Students will scan their work using a free app called Tiny Scanner then upload it to Canvas, a free app like Google Classroom, to submit their work.


    During each module, students will watch a video, take notes, and complete each practice. This will be followed by a mastery test.  Students who mastered the topic will move on to the next module and repeat the cycle.  Students who are at the borderline of mastery will conference with the teacher.  Students who don’t show mastery will meet with the teacher to reteach, repractice, and recheck for mastery.