• Did you know that many of our young ladies often start their first menstrual cycle (period) while they are in 6th grade? There should not be a stigma associated with having a period, as it is a normal fact of life. 

    Many young ladies are embarrassed to ask teachers for period supplies, especially if they have a male teacher.

    We have found that some girls were using paper towels and even socks because they didn't have access to proper period supplies.

    Teachers will have extra supplies in their classrooms for any of our young ladies who might need something.

    Please help us and talk to your young ladies about how to care for themselves and how to discard used materials. All used materials should be wrapped in toilet paper and placed in the white bins that are in each stall. 

    We will also welcome all period supply donations!

    *We have tried having supplies set up on a pretty little table in the girls bathroom. But, unfortunately, some girls choose to ruin it for others by sticking the pads on the walls, shoving them in the toilets and ripping all the pads open and throwing them around the bathroom. You've got to feel sorry for girls who feel the need to do this - what has happened to them to cause them to act out like this?