• 6th grade teachers have set up a "Menstruation Station" table in our girl's bathroom. There should not be a stigma associated with having a period, as it is a normal fact of life. Did you know that many of our young ladies often go through their first period while they are in 6th grade?

    Many young ladies are embarrassed to ask teachers for period supplies, especially if they have a male teacher.

    We have found that some girls were using socks, or paper towels because they didn't have access to proper period supplies.

    We will have different sized pads available in the bathroom for any of our girls who might need one during the day. 

    Teachers will also have extra supplies in their classrooms.

    Please help us and talk to your young ladies about this. We need them to understand that we are trying to help them and if the period supplies are used inappropriately (stuck to the walls, thrown around the bathroom floor), then we will need to remove the supplies.

    We will welcome all period supply donations!

    For more info about ending "period stigma", please read this great article from Edutopia: https://www.edutopia.org/article/how-build-menstruation-station-your-school