Wizard of OZ

    CAST and CREW

  • In preparation for this magical musical, nearly 100 Caldwell County students from kindergarten to 12th grade are currently involved in rehearsals and technical work.

  • Last Name First Name Role
    Abrams Zoey Munchkin/Snowman
    Alvarez Arlo Tree 3/Winkie General/Ozian
    Austin Ivey Tree 1/Ozian Polisher/Winkie
    Austin Ryan Munchkin City Father/Snowman
    Auton Emma Munchkin/Poppie
    Banya Sophia Tech
    Bentley Romy Dorothy/Jitterbug Leader
    Billiter Adam Tree 2/Oz Man 1/Ozian Polisher/ Winkie
    Boston Daisy Tech
    Bouillion Henry Munchkin Coroner/Snowman
    Buff Justice Ozian/Winkie
    Calloway Ansley Munchkin School Teacher 2/Snowman
    Cape Avery Uncle Henry/Guard
    Castro Max Elizabeth Tech
    Clark Devin Barrister/Snowman
    Copeland Benjamin Tech
    Cormier Link Gulch/Wicked Witch of the West
    Costin Caleb Cowardly Lion/Zeke
    Curnutte Aubrey Glinda/Aunt Em
    Davis Mia Grace Lullaby Leauge/Poppie
    Drobinski Colly Tech
    Dunlap Caroline Lullaby Leauge/Poppie
    Forbis Gabriel Lollipop Guild/Snowman
    Frasure Brayden Tinman/Hickory
    Giere Melody Ozian Beauticitian/Jitterbug
    Giere Serenity Ozian Manicurist/Jitterbug
    Giere Verity Lullaby Leauge/Poppie
    Giles Kiley Wicked Witch Double(fly)/Oz Woman 1
    Goodfellow Harper Tree 3/Ozian Manicurist/Jitterbug
    Goudelock Hayleigh Lullaby Leauge/Poppie
    Gouge Lily Tech
    Gragg Izzy Crow 1/Ozian
    Greene Aaliyah Crow 3 /Ozian Beauticitian/Jitterbug
    Greene Kayleigh Crow 2/Ozian Beauticitian
    Greene Liam Lollipop Guild/Snowman
    Griffin Emma Cowardly Lion/Zeke
    Griffin Jenna Ozian/Jitterbug
    Grower Alexis Ozian/Jitterbug
    Hare Cloey Ozian Beauticitian/Jitterbug
    Hefner Charity Tech
    Horner Savanna Ozian Manicurist/Jitterbug
    Hyldelund Louis Wizard/Professor Marvel
    Jarvis Elyn Munchkin Acrobat/Poppie/Flying Monkey
    Jarvis Finley Munchkin Acrobat/Poppie/Flying Monkey
    Joa-Lavejoy Emilia Munchkin Coroner/Poppie
    Johnson Raylee Munchkin School Teacher 1/Snowman
    Kanagy Ivan Oz Man 2/Winkie
    Kanagy Millie Munchkin/Poppie
    Kern Sophia Munchkin/Snowman
    Kidder Eleanor Munchkin/Poppie
    Kimbleton Jocelynn Crow 1/Ozian
    Kincaid Savannah Ozian/Jitterbug
    Lael Addyson Munchkin/Snowman
    Landrum Aspen Munchkin City Father/Snowman
    Laws Cade Ozian/Jitterbug
    Leach Lacey Ozian/Jitterbug
    Losier Abel Lollipop Guild/Snowman
    Mack Bella Ozian/Jitterbug
    McCoy Sadie tech
    McDonnell Olivia Tech
    McGee Zoey Tech
    McMath Molly Munchkin/Poppie
    Molles Sophia Tech
    Mullinax Sofia Munchkin City Father/Snowman
    Newton Abigail Munchkin/Snowman
    Ogle Tad Lollipop Guild/Snowman
    Orellana Michael Uncle Henry/Guard
    Pena Amauris Tinman/Hickory
    Pendley Gideon Lollipop Guild/Snowman
    Perez Bianca Tech
    Piercy Kes Dorothy/Jitterbug Leader
    Piercy Roe Munchkin Mayor/Nikko (Leader of Flying Monkeys)
    Price Charlotte Lullaby Leauge/Poppie
    Rich Angelica Tech
    Shiflett Kaliana Lullaby Leauge/Poppie
    Shores Chadwick Scarecrow/Hunk
    Smith Hutch Lollipop Guild/Snowman
    Soop Josiah Tech
    Stringfield Angel Tech
    Stringfield Jake Munchkin/Snowman and backstage
    Stringfield Lance Munchkin/Snowman
    Thielemann August Scarecrow/Hunk
    Wakefield Mazie Gulch/Wicked Witch of the West
    Wallace Emily Munchkin/Poppie
    Weaver Ava Orceshtra
    Webb Carsen Wizard/Professor Marvel
    White Gracie Ozian Beauticitian/Jitterbug
    Willett Kaitlyn Crow 2/Oz Woman 2/Jitterbug
    Williams Sebastian Oz Man 2/Ozian Polisher/Winkie
    Wilson Taylor Tree 1/Ozian Polisher/Winkie
    Winebarger Callie Lullaby Leauge/Poppie
    Winebarger Camdyn Lullaby Leauge/Poppie
    Winebarger Carson Tree 2/Oz Man 1/Winkie
    Wood Addison Glinda/Aunt Em
    Wylie Ireland Munchkin/Snowman
    Youngsmith Gabriel Munchkin Mayor/Nikko (Leader of Flying Monkeys)
    Youngsmith Violet Lullaby Leauge/Poppie