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    8th grade social studies is North Carolina and United States History.  That means that we learn about the history of our nation and our state, as well as the basics of how our nation's government works! 

    This includes the periods of colonization, westward expansion, the progressive era, the United States' role in both world wars, and more! 

    We will also learn some basics about economics.

     🤔 This year's "BIG IDEA" 💡

    America's history is made up of both proud and problematic events.  Our nation is comprised of a diverse array of people, and just like a person it is not perfect but rather complex.  What does being American mean to you?

    Class Expectations:

    1.  ⏰ Log on to class Zoom meetings on time.  (You are given 5 minutes between classes to use the restroom and log in to your next class.)  

    2.  💻 Stay on the Zoom meeting for the entire class.  Do NOT leave until you are dismissed by the teacher.

    3.  👀 Stay visible on camera during Zoom meetings.  I should be able to see your face.

    4.  📵 Minimize distractions and stay on task.  This means that you should NOT be playing on your phone, watching TV, surfing the web, playing video games, etc.

    5.  🙋‍♂️ Participate in class discussions and activities.

    6.  😃 Maintain a respectful class environment.  

    ***LATE WORK will be accepted, but with a deduction of 3% off for each day past due.***