• Unfortunately, there are just some students who feel the need to try and make other students feel bad. These students may be experiencing trauma of their own, feel insecure about themselves, feel that no one cares, or be struggling with other personal issues. Students who lash out and try to bully other students often are trying to make themselves feel better by bringing others down.  We need to change our thinking from "What's wrong with you??" to "What's happened to you to make you do that?".

    With that being said, I have no tolerance for bullies in my classroom, my hallways, my school. If you are going to be mean to people, do not show up. Period. Do not come to GMS. 

    If you find yourself being bullied, you must let someone know. This is not ratting on a person, or being a tattle-tale. This is standing up for yourself or for someone else who is being bullied. This is being strong and doing what is right. Let your parents/guardians know, let me know, tell a friend who can tell me. Send me an email, leave me a note. 

    I can't fix it if I don't know about it. But, once I know about it, it will be fixed. I promise.

    Here is a good link to what bullying is: