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    Welcome to Mathematics in the Seventh Grade!



  • Teacher Expectations

    • Be on time.
    • Be prepared with all materials.
    • Be considerate of others.
    • Be ready and willing to learn and share.

  • Homework Hints and Websites

    When working on math home work at home remember to always show the steps you have to make to complete the problem. As you become more proficient these steps my vary however being able to share your solutions and correct your own mistakes is a very big part of our classroom participation requirements.

    If you happen to get to a problem you do not understand, attempt to solve the problem by writing drown the clues or information needed from the problem. Most importantly remember to ask for assistance in class. I am also available before school from 7:15 -7:45 Monday through Thursday.

    Below you will find a few websites which can also be used to help with homework dilemmas. (If the following links do not work, you will find these links under "Useful Links" on the main menu (within my folder)