• How am I graded in choir at WCHS?

    Choir Rehearsals=60 Percent

    Below is a breakdown of the choral rehearsal and how points will be distributed.

    Physical and Vocal Warm Up, 20 Percent.  Students will participate in a physical warm up to prepare the body and brain for singing.  They will then repeat vocal warm up exercises to prepare for that day’s rehearsal.

    Sight Singing and Music Theory, 20 Percent.  Students will be taught how to read music using solfege (Do, Re, Mi).  Students will study and sing a daily sight singing example together.

     Choral Repertoire Rehearsal, 20 Percent.  Students will participate in learning and singing choral music in both large groups and smaller sectional groupings.

    Students will receive weekly grades for the "Choir Rehearsal" portion of their grade.  Points deducted for cell phone use, not participating, not being prepared (having music), etc.

    Choir Concerts=40 Percent

    Singing in a choral performance is a very important aspect for the developing vocalist in any choral program and every voice counts up on the risers! 

    Concert Attendance, 40 Percent.  Students are required to perform in chorus concerts.  Missing a concert without a legitimate reason and documentation will result in the student receiving a zero for that concert. (Arriving to a concert late or leaving early results in a grade of 70%.)

    How do I know what is coming up?

    All information of upcoming events (auditions, concerts, other performances) is listed on the WCHS Choir website.  I also use Remind and the WCHS Chorus Facebook page to communicate.

    Why haven't you sent any information home regarding concerts?

    I choose to use electronic communication any time I am able to.  I am a huge advocate of high school students taking charge of their own responsibilities and communicating with their parents (making lists, writing in a planner, whatever works for them).  See previous question to read about how I communicate.

    Why do we have to do fundraisers in chorus?

    The costs of running a successful choral program are often a mystery to parents and students.  Just for example, 1 copy of 1 piece of music for 1 student is about $2.00 - multiply that by 90 students, singing 3-4 pieces each for a concert ($$$)! Sometimes we have copies on hand or I can borrow from another director, but often music must be purchased.  Also, we strive every year to take as many groups as possible to MPA (Music Performance Adjudication).  It is a great way to have unbiased feedback on our musical work (and hopefully bring home a Superior plaque!). This trip is costly, so we fundraise so each student does not have to pay for this trip.

    When are we taking a TRIP?

    The hope is to take an out of state, overnight trip (ie: New York, Disney World, or some other destination) in the next couple of years.  Lots of factors affect when this can happen, including the choral budget, placement of Spring Break each year, successful trips to MPA each year (if we take a trip, we will participate in a national competition), and lots of other factors.  I make every effort to be transparent with students and parents about being excited to take a trip, but not committing to a specific year for this to take place. :)

    In the year(s) until we are ready to take a trip, we will take smaller local trips each year that we are able (this year, we plan to take an optional trip to Charlotte one weekend in the spring to see a Broadway musical!).