• Sportsmanship Policy at West Caldwell High School
    • Treat visiting athletes with the respect that is due them as guests and worthy opponents.

    • Shake hands with opponents and acknowledge a desire to have an enjoyable and sportsmanlike competition.

    • Exercise self-control at all times.

    • Respect officials' judgments and interpretations of the rules.  Never argue or make gestures indicating a dislike for a decision.

    • Congratulate opponents in a sincere manner following either victory or defeat.

    • Accept conscientiously the responsibility and privilege of representing the school and community.

    Students may not participate in athletic activities (including practices) without filing a completed physical exam form or a physician's waiver form with the school Athletic Director.  School insurance is required before a student can try out for any sport.

    West Caldwell athletes are role models for other students.  Therefore, to be eligible to participate in West Caldwell sports, each student must agree to submit to random drug testing throughout the school year during which they are considered to be an athlete.

    Athletic Insurance

    All athletes are covered by a blanket insurance policy.  This coverage is a secondary policy.  The parent's insurance policy must be filed prior to the athletic insurance.  Please note the athletic coverage will pay only a percentage of the remaining balance.

    It is recommended that all athletes purchase the economy plan in addition to the blanket coverage.  The cost of this policy is $13.00 (subject to change).  With the purchase your child then has a primary coverage, secondary coverage (athletic blanket policy) and your personal insurance. 

    The purchase of the above plan does not cover varsity football injuries.

    The North Carolina High School Association (NCHSAA) requirements state that in order to be eligible for athletic participation, a student must have:
    * passed a minimum of three courses during the preceding semester.
    * been in attendance for at least 85 percent of the preceding semester.
    * met promotion standards set forth by the Caldwell County Board of Education.