• School Dress Code


    STUDENT DRESS CODE (CCS Board Policy #3300):


    Caldwell County School Board of Education Policy concerning dress code is quoted as follows:  PUPILS ARE EXPECTED TO BE PROPERLY DRESSED COMMENSURATE WITH THE ACTIVITIES BEING CONDUCTED.  Clothing which does not meet the social standards of the community will not be allowed. Coaches of athletics and sponsors of other co-curricular activities are authorized to enforce dress and hair – length requirements for participation in these activities.  The following rules apply to students at ALL HIGH SCHOOLS IN CALDWELL COUNTY:


    1.      Clothing should appropriately cover the torso and all undergarments from the NECKLINE to the mid thigh

    2.      The shoulder width of female shirts or blouses must completely cover undergarments.  No tank tops, spaghetti strap tops, tube-tops, or halter-tops are permitted.  Shirts must extend over the chest area.

    3.      Male shirts will have sleeves.

    4.      Net shirts, bare midriffs or other revealing attire is not acceptable for either sex.

    5.      Skirts, dresses and shorts cannot be more than 4 inches above the knee.

    6.      Pants, skirts and shorts must be worn at the waistline.  No underwear shall be revealed. “Busting a sag” is not permitted. 

    7.      No headgear, hats, hoods, bandanas or sunglasses are to be worn into school buildings or on yellow school buses.

    8.      No clothing, jewelry, sex bracelets or accessories with letters, initials, symbols or wording that is obscene, threatening, offensive, inflammatory, distractive, disruptive or detrimental to the instructional process is allowed.  This includes attire, which displays alcoholic beverages, drugs, tobacco products or promotes violence, hatred or intolerance. 

    9.      Unnatural hairs colors such as, but not limited to pink, blue, green, and purple are distractive and disruptive and are not allowed.

    10.  Shoes must be worn at all times. 

    11.  No chains – deemed inappropriate by administrator or by SRO (ex: wallets with chain or necklaces).  No spike bracelets or necklaces.

    12.  No pacifiers, candy necklaces – paraphernalia related to Rave drugs.

    13.  No bandana’s to be worn anywhere or have at school (this includes spirit day and senior activities).

    14.  No holes within pants and shorts will be allowed.

    15.  Gang apparel is not permitted to be worn or brought to school.

    16.  Bedroom shoes and pajamas are not permitted on school premises.

    17.  No Over-sized coats (1e: trench coats) or garments which could be used to conceal weapons or contraband.

    18.  Students are not permitted to bring blankets or afghans to school.

    19.  Leggings must be worn with an over garment which meets the length requirement.


    School officials have the authority and responsibility to determine whether a student’s appearance satisfies the intent of this policy.  Anything that disrupts the learning environment will be deemed unacceptable. The administration will direct the students to change or adjust clothing as necessary.


    CONSEQUENCES – School Administrators have established procedures to handle students who are in noncompliance with this policy.  Such procedures may include disciplinary action, including suspension from school.