Scholarship Guide

    Accountants Society of North Carolina : For students majoring in accounting. Two reference letters and transcripts. Recent photo, letter of intent, tax information. Mid April.

    Alpha Delta Kappa Clare Johnson-Mary Earle Fine Arts Award : Male/Female fine arts major; 1344 SAT;20 ACT ; top 20% of class, displaying good character, extracurricular activities, video tape or portfolio of musical, dance, visual arts, or drama talent.

    Alpha Delta Kappa Eunice Riggins Memorial : Female applicants who meet the same requirements as above, however, must be in top 10% of class and does not need to meet the fine arts requirements. 

    Alpha Delta Kappa Mary Rose Mills Memorial: Male/Female who meets the requirements above, they must score 1488 on SAT or 22 on ACT.

    Alpha Nu Chapter of Delta Kappa Gamma Society : Female applicant, showing financial need and interested in becoming a teacher.  - Scholarship application, essay, 2 letters of recommendation, transcript - Mail to Alpha Nu Scholarship committee by __________.

    Altrusa International: Based on financial need, academic achievement, and good character. Submit application with to reference letters to counselor. Local chapter. (Altrusa International Scholarship - 2 $500 scholarships for WCHS seniors - financial need, academic achievement, and character.

    Alzheimer's Foundation of America scholarship - $5000 scholarship available to students planning to attend a 4 year university. - Give thoughtful consideration to the impact of Alzheimer's desease on your life, family, and community and apply for this scholarship.

    American Business Women's Association (ABWA) Caldwell County Chapter : Male and Female students are eligible. Financial need based. Three reference letters and transcripts. 2.5 or better unweighted gpa, financial need, attend a continental US college or community college, legal resident of Caldwell County - due to local ABWA chapter by ________________.

    American Cancer Society: Cancer survivors diagnosed prior to age 21 are eligible for tuition assistance. Applicants can call 1-800-282-4914 to request applications. Deadline varies.

    American Fire Sprinkler Association : Essay contest. Send application and one recommendation letter with essay and bibliography. Early December.

    American Legion Oratorical Contest : Deadline varies.

    Appalachian State University : Separate scholarship application must be filled out. Merit Based with a 3.0/combined score of 1000 on the SAT. Resume required. Early December. Other: Staff Council Awards based on academic performance and financial need and requires FAFSA. Awarded to dependent child of permanent staff employee. Mid April. 1-828-262-3076 Math and Science for students pursuing a degree in Math, Science, Statistics, or Computer Science. Based on financial need and merit. Must have a 3.0 GPA and a minimum SAT score of 1050 or 600 on math section. Contact 1-828-262-3510. Early February.

    Art Institute of Atlanta : Design, Media, and Culinary Arts: Scholarship based on the quality of early projects submitted by student. Contact 1-800-275-4242. February, late March.

    Art Institutes: Seniors in the National Art Honor Society are eligible to compete for scholarships to attend any of the Art Institutes. Submit 6 slides of six different original pieces of art work representing your creative style. Early March.

    AXA Achievement Scholarship - due Dec.15th. If you have an outstanding achievement you have accomplished in a non-academic activity or project, see Mrs. Wakefield today. This achievement could have occurred in school, the community or the workplace.

    Ayn Rand Essay Contest : Submit your essay online www.aynrand.org/contests/essay_submissions.html. Mid April.

    Bar Association of North Carolina: Awards scholarships to children of North Carolina law enforcement officers killed or permanently disabled in the line of duty. Early April.

    Berea College : Endowment allows for every student to receive a full scholarship. Must be nominated. 3.0 GPA, 930-1350 SAT score, 20-30 ACT score. Contact 1-800326-5948. Early November.

    Best Buy at 15 Scholarship program - solid grades, community service or work experience - apply online at bestbuy.com/scholarships or at15.com - by Feb 15  

    Blue Ridge Electric Membership : Offers two different scholarships to area members. The Goodman-Hurt Scholarship is for students interested in attending a four year college or getting a vocational/technical degree from a local community college. The Charles Suddreth Scholarship is for students interested in attending a local community college as well. Based on financial need, academic achievement and motivation. Due late March .

    Boston University : Trustee Scholarship is merit based and must be nominated. Top 2% of class with a 4.0 GPA; 1485 SAT; 33 ACT; Contact 1-617-353-2320. Early December.

    Bowling of North Carolina : Must be a member of local YABA bowling league or parent/guardian members of NCWIBC or ABC local association or children or a member deceased within one year of application. Mid March

    Burger King : Nomination of one senior with 2.5-3.5 GPA, who is working an average of 15 hrs. /week, involved in community/curricular activities, financial need, one recommendation from employer and one teacher. Access the web site at http://www.bk.com/scholars  

    Byrd Honors Scholarship : Nomination of three seniors with 3.0 GPA and 900 SAT score. Submit application to counselor. Mid February.

    Caldwell Advocacy for Disabled Employees : promoting support for the disabled. Applicant must have a disabling condition. Application required along with letter of intentions and transcripts. Late April

    Caldwell Community College : Separate scholarship information must be filled out. 3.0 GPA and two recommendation letters, good character. Contact 828-726-2200. Early May. Other: Bill and Vivian Armfield Endowed Scholarship based on financial need and merit. Elementary Education majors. Early May. Smart for Early Childhood applicants. Mid May.

    Caldwell County Assoication of Educational Office Professionals Scholarship - $350 (to WCHS student) available to those planning on attening CCC&TI and pursue a business-related profession and/or degree - must have good grades and be outstanding citizens - Due to counselor.

    Caldwell County Association of Educators' Scholarship - minimum gpa 3.0 - application, 2 teacher recommendations, 1 administrator recommendation, transcript required -  for those pursuing a degree in education - due to counselor April 20 - This scholarship is for students planning on attending CCC &TI and pursuing a business- related profession and/or degree.

    Caldwell County Council for Women - George O. Jones Memorial Scholarship - academic promise, leadership qualities, and financial need - $1000 - Due to Caldwell County Council for Women 

    Caldwell County Personnel and Guidance Association : For those planning a major in the human service field. Selection will be based on student merit first then need. Two letters of recommendation, transcripts, and possible interview. Early April.

    Caldwell County Unit of the NC Retired School Personnel - $700 to WCHS student - 3.0 gpa, financial need, exemplary citizenship/character, plans to pursue career in education, essay

      Caldwell Women's Club - Sally Southall Cotton Scholarship  - application, recent photograph, personal letter, letter of recommendation from school faculty and business/professional person not school related, transcript, FAFSA form. - interview required

    Catholic University : Merit based and must be nominated. 1200-1300 SAT scored. 3.4-3.5 GPA. Contact 1-800-673-2772. Nov-Dec.

    Collettsville Ruritan : Male or female from the Collettsville area. Mid April.

    Charlie Cozart Athletic Scholarship: One male and one female, who have shown good academic achievement as well as extra-curricular participation, will be selected by the Athletics Booster Club. Submit all applications to counselor. A minimum GPA of 2.0 is required (3.0 recommended) Late April.

    Charlotte Observer All Star Scholars: Nomination from top 10% of class will be considered. "Stars of Distinction", such as Valedictorians, top debaters, musicians, etc. Submit Applications to counselor. Mid March.

    Chevrolet Michelle Kwan Rewards Scholarship Program: For female student athletes with a 3.2 GPA. Leadership and community involvement. Send application with transcripts, two recommendation letters, typed essay, tax information. Late March.

    Chowan College : Leadership scholarship for all officers in Student Government and Senior Class. Must be nominated. Contact 1-800-488-4101. Early December.

    CL Robbins Scholarship Fund - Attention Early Graduates - If you plan on attending CPCC, Kings, WPCC, CCC&TI, CVCC, Wilkes, or Lee-McRae in the Spring, you could be eligible for a scholarship.

    Clark Memorial Scholarship : for students planning on attending two or four year approved institutions within our Western region. Submit applications to senior counselor along with two recommendation letters, college statement and essay. Tax information must be provided as well. Contact Community Foundation of Western North Carolina. 1-828-254-4960. mid Feb. (Harry Clark Memorial Scholarship - for 2 year or 4 year schools in NC - based on financial need, academic ability/achievement, good moral character, community service, extracurricular activities, and work experience

      Coca-Cola Scholars : coca-colascholars.org - 3.0 GPA, plans to attend 4-year university.  Due October.

      Coffey Foundation Award: Prestigious local award based on leadership, academic performance, SAT scores, extracurricular, employment record, essay, and interview. Submit applications to counselor to be picked up by foundation.

    Collettsville Ruritan Club - Joe Glass Memorial Scholarship - student must be from the Collettsville area - $500 per year for 4 years

    Columbia College: Dept. of Music for Women. Separate application and audition. Contact 1-803-786-3810. Deadline varies.

    Creighton University : Based on merit and financial need. GPA of 3.75 and score 1320 on SAT or 30 on ACT. Contact 1-800-282-5835. Early January.

    Crime Stoppers Poster Design Contest : see counselor for details. Mid. February.

    Dare Scholarship of Lenoir: Must have completed a Lenoir Police Department sponsored Dare program. Early April.

    Davidson: All admitted student will be considered for merit-based scholarships. PROFILE is required. Separate scholarship application for other merit and financial need scholarships in necessary. Early January. Bryan Scholars Program: honors scholar athletes. Contact 1-800-768-0380. Mid September.

    Delta Sigma Theta Sorority scholarships and book awards (Hickory Alumnae Chapter) - (4) $1000 scholarships and (4) $500 book awards will be given to females of African American descent planning to attend a 4 year university 

    DeVry Institutes: Encouraged to apply early. SAT 1000: ACT 24. Contact 1-800-295-8694. Deadline varies.

    Duke Power : Re-Designing the program for 2003 school year. Did not offer an award in 2002. Contact Duke Power Scholarship Program, P.O box 1465, Taylors, South Carolina. Deadline Varies.

    East Carolina : For merit based scholarships - DUE DEC 1 Financial need scholarships are available by contacting Admissions office at 1-252-328-4353. Mid January.

    East Tennessee State University - Honors Program Scholarships - minimum GPA of 3.5, minimum SAT score of 1280 - other scholarships are available for those who do not meet these requirements. Due 1/31/09  Scholarship Auditions for the Music Department - Feb 2009 - etsu.edu/music 

    Elizabeth S. Henderson Living Challenge scholarship - 2 $500 scholarships for WCHS seniors based on good citizenship, service to school and community, and potential for success.

      Elon College: Two special scholarships: The Watson and Junior Elon Scholars require separate Scholar application. The Watson is based on financial need. Junior Elon Scholars are for H.S Juniors maintaining an A avg. ranking in the top 15% of class and score a 1200 on PSAT or SAT. Contact 1-800-344-8448. Early February.

    Emory University : Must be nominated using separate scholarship application. PROFILE is required and an essay. Contact 1-800-727-6036. Mid November.

    Erskine University : The E.B Kennedy Scholarship Program, requires nominations. Merit based 4.0GPA, SAT range 1100-1180.contact 1-941-533-7358. Mid October. FFA Scholarships: Contact Counselor or Vocational Department Chairperson. Mid February.

    Gardner Webb University: University Fellows Program requires nominations. Merit based 3.6 GPA, SAT 1100; ACT 23. Contact 1-800-253-6472. Mid November.

    2009 Gates Millennium Scholars Program - min. 3.3 unweighted GPA, be a minority, and have demostrated leadership abilities 

    Goodman-Hurt Scholarship - local scholarship - $2000 for 4 year college bound students and $800 for 2 year college bound students - based on financial need, academic achievement, motivation/interview

      Graziadei Achievement Award : For a senior having a disability. Nominations are accepted based on merit. Three recommendation letters and a one page essay by nominated person. Mid March.

    High Point University : The Presidential Scholarship Program requires separate application. Contact 1-800-345-6993. Mid December.

    Home Builders of Hickory and Catawba : Two students can be nominated if planning a major  in a field directly to the construction industry. One must apply to a 4 year college, while the other must plan to attend Cawtaba Community College. Must have a "B" average for 4 year Scholarship and a "C" average for the Catawba Valley Community scholarship. Early May

    Horatio Alger Scholarship  www.horatioalger.com/scholarships -  must have 2.0 GPA, critical financial need, and plans to attend a 4-year university 

    Industrial Training Center Scholarship : Caldwell Community College can provide financial assistance to students pursuing technical diplomas and degrees. Areas include Aviation, Machining Technology, Auto body, Electrical, Electronics, Truck Driver Training, Mechanical Engineering, and Automotive Systems. Contact Tom Crouse 828-726-2389, Associate Dean, Industrial Development, 2857 Hickory Blvd. Hudson, NC 28638 Deadline Varies

    Caldwell Chapter of the International Association of Administrativie Professionals - for students pursuing a business career - based on academic standing, financial need, recommendation, interest in chosen field, and sincerity expressed during the personal interview   

    Jagannathan Scholarship Program : Financial Need Based.  (can apply online http://www.collegeboard.com/ ) or can apply by phone at 1-800-778-6888. Be sure to use the CSS code #0093 or you will not be registered.

    Johnson and Wales : Students may apply to the Honor's Program or admission to any of their campuses. To be considered for the Honor's Program one must score 1000 on the SAT or 21 in English and 20 in math on the ACT. Contact Rhode Island # 1-800-342-5598; South Carolina 1- 800-868-1522; Virginia 1-800-277-2433. Deadline varies.

    Kiwanis Club of Lenoir
    : For those planning on attending a four year college. Criteria includes good character; service to the school; scholastic record; and financial need. Late May.

    Law Offices of Michael DeMayo: Check with counselor for deadline.

    Legacy Scholarship - just for WCHS students - $1000 for one male and one female - Must live in single parent home and have financial need. 

    Lenoir Business and Professional Women : Both male and female can apply. Include application with two reference letters and phone numbers. Late May.

    LeTendre Fund Scholarship - September 12 - for students who are homeless or have been homeless

    L'Oreal/ Family Cup Circle : Female students only. Typed applications preferred. Mid February.

    Lenoir Service League :female, financial need, accepted to institution of higher learning - (requires application, transcript, and 3 recommendations)

    Lenoir Women's Club scholarship -  Males and Females can apply.

    Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation - If you are a child of a Marine and your 2008 family income is $80,000 or less call 1-800-292-7777

    Mensa Scholarship Essay Contest is due January 15!  The only requirement for the scholarship is attendance at an US college.

    Meredith College : Contact Office of Admissions for scholarship info.PROFILE 1-919-760-8581 Deadline varies.

    McKelvey Foundation - scholarship for seniors who own and operate their own business.  mekelveyfoundation.org

    Michael A Demayo Scholarship - Scholarships awarded based on presentation/essay on how to prevent underage drinking and driving, as well as application, SAT scores, transcripts and letters of recommendation.  To qualify, students must have applied for full-time enrollemnt at a four-year university/college. Scholarship amount - $2,500  www.DeMayoLaw.com

    Miss Teen Caldwell County Fair: www.caldwellcountyfairgrounds.com  

    Montreat College : Contact Office of Admissions 1-800-622-6968. Deadline varies

    Morehead-Cain Scholarship at UNC-Chapel Hill - A student may self-nominated if not chosen by their high school.  Due October 1. 

    Naval Helicopter Association Scholarship Fund - Students with military affiliation are given special consideration.  ismene.lunarmania.com 

    National Commission for Cooperative Education - Most have at least 3.5 gpa and apply and be accepted to Johnson & Wales, Drexel, University of Cincinnati, CW Post Campus of Long Island University, Northeastern, Rochester Institute of Tech., Univ. of Toledo, Kettering, Pace, or Wentworth Institute. 

    NCCAE : Amount of award varies. For seniors going into education. Deadline varies.

    North Carolina High School Network Scholarship - Students should demonstrate outstanding academic performance and financial need. $1000.00 Application and other required documents must be postmarked on or before_________.

    North Carolina Insurance and Financial Advisors Foundation: Essay Contest. Personal essay regarding insurance/financial services.

    North Carolina National Teenager Scholarship Organization is now accepting applications for the 2009 North Carolina National Teenager Pageant - March 20-21 in Charlotte NC - ncscnationalteen.com  -

     North Carolina Nurse Education Scholarship Loan Program : Similar to above program but is need based. Deadline varies.

    North Carolina Nurse Scholars Program : Merit competition for those applying to nursing schools in North Carolina and who agree to practice in the state of NC. Mid February for Baccalaureate Degree program and early may for AND/Hospital Based program.

    NC Society of Accountants - must enroll in an accounting degree program and show a firm intention to continue into the field of accounting -   

    North Carolina State University : The University conducts the Caldwell Alumni and Merit Scholarship Competition which includes both university-wide scholarships (not restricted by intended major) as well as a few others. In order to be considered one must submit the NC State Undergraduate Admission Application by the posted deadline. Caldwell and Merit recipients score in excess of 1300 on the SAT and 30 on the ACT. Contact office of Merit Awards 1-919- 515-3671. Mid November.

    Others include: Park Scholarship- must be nominated. Contact 1-919-515-3794. Mid November

    Chancellor's Leadership Award - separate application Contact 1-919-515-3794 early Mar.

    College of Textiles Centennial Scholars Program. Contact 1-919-515-6530.

    Teaching Fellows- Contact 1-919-515-2231. PROFILE is required. Early Feb.

    Pulp and Paper- Chemistry Engineering: Contact 1-919-515-2888. Deadline varies

    Outstanding Person Award : Must be nominated. Based on Achievements in attaining goals despite physical/mental disability. Contact 1-919-515-2797. Mid Feb

    General Hugh Shelton National Leadership Scholarship -  for student leaders

    Outstanding Students of America : http://www.outstandingstudentsofamerica.com/ 3.0 GPA and active in community service and school activities. Late October.

    Parks Scholarship at NC STATE - A student can self-nominate if not chosen by their school. 

     Phi Delta Kappa : for those planning on studying education. Merit Based with a class rank in the top third of class. Criteria includes academic record, writing abilities (essay required). Mid February.

    Philippians Foundation Scholarship : Applicants must be a dependent of a parent legal guardian stricken with ALS. Mid October.

    Police Corps of North Carolina : Award scholarships and reimburse educational expenses to students who agree to work in a state or local law enforcement agency for at least four years. Criteria includes physical, psychological, fitness test, essay, drug testing, background information, and interview. Funds are also available for dependent children of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. Mid Nov.

    Price, Frances Granite Falls Business and Professional Women's Club : Female. Early March

    Principals' Award : Given by Caldwell County Principals/Assistant Principals association. Late April

    Principal Leadership Award : Co-Sponsored by the national Association of Secondary Principals and Herff Jones. Merit based from top 20% of class. principals.org/PLA

    Prospective Teacher Scholarship Loan Program : Scholarship loan is repaid by teaching in NC public schools. Late February.

    Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship - Combined SAT score of at least 1860 or ACT score of 28 and unweighted gpa of 3.5. www.ncpublicschools.org/recruitment/scholarships/byrd/  - MUST be recommended by your school.  See school counselor for more information. 

    Ron & Christine Beane Scholarship : Male or Female with financial need, academic achievement, school and community involvement, leadership potential, and good moral character. Mid May

    Ronald McDonald House Charities - 4 scholarships are available due Feb. 16 - 1 specific to Asian Americans, 1 specific to African Americans, 1 specific to Hispanic Americans, 1 general   http://www.rmhc.org/

    Rotary Club of Caldwell County Caldwell County Rotary Club - at least 2.0 - financial need will be given preference - $1500

    Rotary Club of Lenoir : Male or Female applicant. Late April.

    SAE Engineering Scholarship : Early December

    Salem College : Early notification with Honors and Full Tuition scholarships. SAT scores between 1000-1340; GPA 3.5-4.77 Contact 1-800-327-2536. Early December.

    Savannah College of Art and Design : Contact 1-800-896-7223. Early March

    Scholar Athlete Milk Mustache of the Year award - $7500 scholarship - Academic performance (35%), athletic excellence (35%), leadership (15%), community service (10%), milk experience (5%) - Check website for due date - usually early March -  bodybymilk.com 

    State Employees Association of North Carolina : Applicant's parent/legal guardian must be a member of SEANC in order to be eligible. Based on merit and financial need. Student aid report is required if applying based on financial need.

    SECU "People Helping People" Scholarship - $10,000 available for a WCHS student attending one of the 16 Univerisities of North Carolina - 2.5 unweighted gpa minimum - demonstrated leadership, excellence of character, integrity, and community involvement - (is not a director, employee, or family member of an employed of the State Employees' Credit Union or SECU Foundation)

    SunTrust Off to College Scholarship Sweepstakes - Free to enter - not based on GPA or financial need - one winner every two weeks from October to May  - apply online at offtocollege.info 

    Target All around Scholarships : Applications at all Target  Stores or check the web at http://www.target.com/ Early November

    Teaching Fellows (of NC): teachingfellows.org

    The Thomas Wolfe Scholarship at UNC-Chapel Hill -  This scholarship offers full undergraduate support for student writers at UNC- Chapel Hill.  The scholarship is due Nov. 2.  - http://english.unc.edu/creative/tws

    Toyota Community Scholars Program : Nomination of one student involved in community service, who has initiated or is actively involved in a service program addressing school/community needs. Early December.

    UNC Ashville : Laurels Merit separate application. Contact 1-800-531-9842. Mid November Teaching Fellows. Contact 1-800-251-6901. Early February.

    UNC Chapel Hill : Only two scholarships need separate applications, The Pogue in early December (12/5) and the Moorhead in early October. All applicants are automatically considered for other University sponsored awards such as The Thomas Wolfe focusing on literary abilities, The Robertson for leadership, Carolina Scholars, College Fellows as well as others. Contact 1-919-962-4168. Financial needs awards, such as the Johnston are available. PROFILE is required. Mid November. Moorhead can be self nominated or nominated by the nomination committee. Interview required. Contact 1-800-741-9023 or the website http://www.moreheadcain.org/.

    UNC-Greensboro : Merit Awards Program. Separate scholarship application. Interview may be required. 3.5 gpa, 1200+ on reading & math portion of SAT or 27 on ACT.  Contact 1-336-334-3392.  USA Funds Access to Education Scholarship: Mid April

    UNCW - Wilmington Honors Scholars Program - Please apply as soon as possible!!!  Apply at www.uncw.edu/honors

    USA Today All-USA Academic Team : One senior nominated who excels in academic leadership. Late Feb

    Veteran Scholarship - If you have a parent who is/was a veteran, call Kathy Hutchings 757-1345 or Janene McGee 430-7136 to determine eligibilty by Feb. 25.  You could be eligible for full scholarship.

    Voice of Democracy: Veterans of Foreign Wars sponsors this patriotic audio essay competition. Early November.

    Wake Forest : Separate Applications for all merit based scholarships and financial need. Apply early with deadlines in Nov. and Jan. 1-336-758-5177. Early December. The Smithfield-Luter Scholarship is open to any senior who has a parent, guardian, or grandparent who is an employee of a division of Smithfield Foods or a retired employee. Early January.

    Walmart Sam Walton Community Scholarship Program : Late January.

    We Can Scholarship : Early May.

    Wendy's High School Heisman:Student Athletes, at least a "B" average

    Western Carolina : All students are automatically considered for the merit scholarships. Teaching Fellows are also available. Contact 1-828-227-7317. Early November.

    Wesleyan College : Merit Scholarship  for women. SAT scores ranging from 1100 to 1400; ACT range of 25-31; GPA of 3.5-3.75. Contact 1-800-477-6610. Early November

    The Wig Bank of Caldwell  County Must have 3.0 GPA, plans to attend college, and have shown academic promise and leadership qualities

    Will to Win Asthma Athlete : For high school students athletes who have asthma.

    Wingate University : Academic Scholarships for SAT scores ranging from 1100 to 1300 and 3.4  GPA to 3.8 GPA. Other merit awards and financial need based awards are available. Contact 1-800-755-5550. deadline Varies

    WKBC : Offers a scholarship to students interested in broadcasting, communication, marketing, or related fields. Contact Bob Brown 1-336-667-2221 or wkbc@charter.net

    WSOC-TV Outstanding Graduates : Mid April


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