West Caldwell Support Services

    The Student Support Service Team serves staff, students, and parents by assisting and providing help towards our school's efforts in building a strong educational foundation for every child.  We focus on the facilitation of student development in academic, personal, social/health and career domains.  In doing so, we utilize our array of services and professional training to assist in removing medical, emotional, development, behavioral, or social barriors that may impede success in these areas.

    Please refer general student concerns via confidential email to your student's grade level counselor to take to the Student Support Service Team.  If there is a specific concern related to ta specific professional area (i.e. vision to nurse or course requirements to counselor), please contact the person directly.


    Support Services Team

    Ashley McKinney School Social Worker 


    Alicia Stanislaw  Nurse


    Matt Anderson CCC&TI Transition Coordinator 


    Mike Frederick  9th Grade Student Concerns


    Dana Greene 9th Grade Counselor & 10th (I-Z) 


    Esther Wakefield 10th (A-H) & 11th Grade Counselor 


    Ellen Miller  12th Grade Counselor 


    Shirlyn Davenport Carolina College Advising Corps


    Elizabeth Crump CTE Site Coordinator



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