•     Science and Social Studies

  • Science

    We'll begin our year by investigating the needs of plants and animals.  We'll consider the different environments in which they survive and examine ways humans can impact them and their homes.  Finally, we'll explore nature's energy and how it enbles animals and plants to survive and grow.   


    Social Studies

    During the first nine weeks of social studies we will deepen our understanding of the need for rules and authority figures in a community no matter how large or small.  We'll explore what rules are needed and what purpose they serve.  We'll investigate who authority figures are and what roles they perform.  We will also consider our own mindset and the feelings it generates.  Then we'll look at what conflict is and brainstorm ways that it can be resolved or avoided.    

    You can have fun with your child by investigating real people from history and the roles they had in their community at Duckster and Garden of Praise  (click titles to link).   You will find presidents, inventors, explorers, humanitarians, scientists, educators, physicians, religious leaders, athletes, civil rights leaders, authors, and artists.  Try to focus on Americans but you may be drawn in to investigate many other people as well!