Valmead Beliefs

    Student Achievement

    The ability to read, write, and compute is essential to success.
    All children can learn.
    Achievement is influenced by high expectations.
    Children should be motivated in creative ways.
    Achievement is a team effort.
  • Students . . .

    Are affected by outside environments.
    Must develop responsibility and respect.
    Have the right to learn.
    Must be prepared, alert, and willing learners and must accept responsibility for their actions and achievement.
    Need to develop a positive self-image based on success.
  • Teachers . . .

    Maintain high expectations for learning and behavior.
    Provide opportunities to learn in a variety of ways.
    Are positive role models.
    Provide a safe, nurturing, and organized environment.
    Know and teach the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.
  • Schools in Society . . .

    Equip students to become self-sufficient.
    Develop life-long learners.
    Prepare students for life by producing literate individuals with problem solving skills.
    Encourage charter education.

  • Parents and Community . . .

    Provide basic needs.
    Maintain a positive attitude toward school and learning.
    Maintain high expecations of children.
    Partner with school to foster a character of respect and responsisbility.
    Participate actively in children's learning.