• "The whole purpose of education is to turn mirrors into windows." Sydney J. Harris


  • Fall Schedule 

    1st period -  English III  

    2nd period - English III  

    3rd period - English III  

    4th period - Planning (1:30 - 2:55)

  • Welcome

    I want to welcome all of my students to a wonderful upcoming semester. I hope all of my students and parents will feel free to contact me with any questions or suggestions. Helping your sons and daughters to be successful students is very important to me, and I feel that that can be accomplished better if it is a team effort. All of my classes will be doing extensive writing in the forms of essays that will respond to, intrepret and critically analyze texts, explain insights, and use argument effectively. This will also help prepare students to do research and write a research paper. Much of the grammar we do will be to prepare for the ACT and SAT; however, effective communication is required in all career fields and walks of life. We will explore American traditions as we read short stories, poems. nonfiction and novels. I expect a lot from my students, but I will be there to help them to be successful at everything we do. The first step to being successful is to come to class on time every day prepared with needed materials and an open mind.