Morning Traffic Pattern 


    MORNING traffic pattern affecting the student parking lot side of the building. This will affect  ALL  student drivers and any family members who drop off students on that side of campus.


    GOALS:    1) Speed up the parking and drop-off process,

    2)    Reduce the present level of tardiness,          

    3)    Allow parents to exit campus faster, and

    4)    Improve student safety by reducing the number of lanes of traffic student drivers must cross to get to the building from the parking lot.


                           FLOW                                                                    DROP-OFF ZONE


    *From 7:30 -8:00 a.m., all traffic coming to the student parking lot side of the building will be routed to the right down the first student parking lot section (Lot A-closest to the hill) toward the football stadium area.


    *We will have signs posted at each end of the building to indicate the zone in which we need students to exit their cars.

    *Traffic will proceed toward the back of campus at that back end of the parking lot.


    *Cars should pull as far forward as possible in that zone before stopping, even if that means going JUST PAST the student entrance.

    *Student drivers will be free to turn left into any section that still has open parking spaces.


    *Students should unload wherever their car stops within that zone.

    *Drop-off traffic will stay straight ahead until reaching the last parking lot section (Lot E- closest to the field house).


    *Our goal is to expand the number of students exiting at one time, rather than having each car pull up individually right in front of the door to let out one student at a time.

    *There, traffic will turn left into that lot to head back toward the school.



    *Traffic will then turn left again to proceed up the lane nearest the building to the drop-off zone.



    Thank you for your assistance!