Caldwell County Crisis Management

  • 40904/p7188164_54776.jpgCaldwell County Crisis Management

    The Caldwell County Crisis Management Plan is critical in providing school employees a systematic plan of action for effective response during an emergency situation. At the school level, principals are primarily responsible for assigning and implementing the recommended actions.

    School personnel are made aware of emergencies that may occur on a school campus and the appropriate measures to take in response. Emergencies may impact many areas of the educational environment. Faculty and staff are trained in the steps to take during these emergency situations. They will utilize the safest response possible for students in emergency situations that may range from severe weather and fire to evacuation or medical emergency.

    The countywide Crisis Management Plan is reviewed annually by a collaborative crisis management team that includes law enforecement, emergency management, business leaders, principals, medical support agencies and clercial representatives. Updates occur as needed or as recommended by law enforcement or national security agencies. Below are some of the Crisis Management best practices in the Caldwell County Schools:

    • Critical Incident Drills

    • Lockdown Drills (At least five mandatory drills per year at each school)

    • Safety Summit 

    • School Resource Officers (Law Enforcement) Assigned to Schools

    • Facility Security and Procedures/Assessments

    • Onsite Training

    • Medical Emergency Response Teams

    • Crisis Response Teams

    • Evacuation Sites Per School