• H.E.R.O.Binders

    (Have Everything Ready and Organized)


    binder cover

    The H.E.R.O (Having Everything Ready and Organized) binder is a way to organize all the things we need on a day to day basis. Each child was asked to bring in a white 3-ring binder. This binder will house all of our materials needed for a successful year in third grade. Each binder will contain a homework folder, student planner, home/school communication folder, multiplication fact chart, weekly spelling list, page protector for money and notes to teacher, keep at home folder, and bring back folder.

    It is important that the H.E.R.O Binder be treated with respect. These binders are not to be doodled on and every effort should be taken to keep them clean and in tip-top shape. This is an important communication piece and students will be using these binders all year. Let's take pride in our H.E.R.O. Binder.

    The H.E.R.O. binder is to travel to and from school daily. It is the child's responsibility to share the H.E.R.O. Binder with his/her parents each night.


    • Take the H.E.R.O. Binder home with you each night and bring it to school with you each day.
    • Share the H.E.R.O. Binder with your parents each night.
    • Have your parents initial or sign planner each night. (this is your responsibility; not your parents).
    • Remove papers from the "Keep at Home" section of the Communication Folder each night.
    • Treat the H.E.R.O. Binder with respect.  Keep it clean and organized.