• P.A.W.S. Binders

    (Prepared and Wonderful Students)

    This year your child will be using a P.A.W.S. Binder.  P.A.W.S. stands for Prepared and Wonderful Students. The purpose of this binder is to help your child stay organized as they grow and learn responsibility.  Your child needs to bring the binder home nightly and bring it back every morning.  Below, you will find a brief description of each section of the binder.  

    • Folder Right Pocket (Read and if needed Return to School): These are the important notes section.  Anything that needs to be brought to your attention will be in this pocket.  Place signed sheets back in this section.   

    • Folder Left Pocket (Keep at home): Newsletters, notes, and graded papers that need to remain at home.     

    •  Money / Notes: This pouch is for lunch money, scholastic money, permission forms, and office notes such as doctor appointments, early dismissal notes, etc.    

    • Homework Folder:  Your child may use this for a place to put homework. They will check this daily to turn in any homework they have.  This will a.lso be where any corrections or work your child may need you to sign will be.  

    • Nightly Reading Log:  Reading logs will be checked every Friday and will be part of your child’s reading grade.  More information will be given on these. 

    • Class Schedule: If updated during the year, students will receive a new copy.

    • Multiplication Fact Sheet:  Students will need to know their facts for 4th grade.  We will be practicing them weekly so studying at home will be a great help. (Being fluent in facts means they can answer within 5 seconds.  Not count on their fingers, or sing a song to get to the answer. )  


    • Take the P.A.W.S. Binder home with you each night and bring it to school with you each day.
    • Share the P.A.W.S binder with your parents each night. 
    • Have your parents initial or sign planner each night. (this is your responsibility; not your parents).
    • Remove papers from the "Keep at Home" section of the Communication Folder each night.
    • Treat the P.A.W.S. Binder with respect.  Keep it clean and organized.