• Lower Creek Elementary School

    School Improvement Team


    Kathy Terrell                      Encore Representative, Aug 2014 appt. 

    Cheryl Pritchard                  Kindergarten Representative, Aug 2015 appt.*

    Wendy Libera                     First Grade Representative, Aug 2014 appt.

    Dana Knox                         Second Grade Representative, Aug 2015 appt.*

    Emily Hillis                         Third Grade Representative, Aug 2014 appt.

    Jennifer Heavner                Fourth Grade Representative, Aug 2014 appt.*

    Ariel Long                          Fifth Grade Representative, Aug 2015  appt. *                               

    Tonya Brady                      Student Support Staff Representative, Aug 2014 appt.

    Torie Hicks                        Classified Staff Representative, Aug 2015 appt.

    Paula Nelson                     Parent Representative, Aug. 2014 appt.

    Leigh Anne Frye                Principal

    All members with an "*" beside their appointment date will serve a two year term, effective the date of their listed appointment.  All members without an "*" will serve a remaining one year term and that team will elect a new SIT representative the following school year for a two year term.  By having a rotating team, we are able to provide some continuity from year to year.

    School Improvement Team meetings are scheduled the 2nd Wednesday of the following months at 3:00 pm in the Media Center: September, November, January, March and May.  Additional SIT meetings may be scheduled should immediate action become necessary. 

    All matters concerning school safety will require the SIT to go into closed session and all non-school employees will be dismissed.