• Fun and Games for Review

    Fun and Games for all curriculums

    (Used for vocabulary and/or curriculum testing review.)


    Whiteboard / dry erase markers

    2 or more teams (divide class in half)

    1 person to draw for each team (everyone takes a turn, and both members draw the same word at the same time). No letters or numbers.

    Team members yell out answers until one team gets it right for a team point.

    Teacher is judge and facilitator. They can choose the word or pick from a hat.


    2 or more teams (divide class in half)

    1 person to act out word for each team, (everyone takes a turn, and both members act out the same word at the same time).

    Team members yell out answers until one team gets it right for a team point.

    Password (Like old TV Gameshow)

    2 or more teams (divide class in half)

    1 player for each team takes turns with other team’s player giving clues to their team. Both teams have the same vocabulary word.

    1st player says one word that can be associated with the vocabulary word. Their whole team can only guess with one word. If correct, they win, if incorrect the next team tries.

    No form of the same word, no compound words and if more than one word is said, or guessed by the team, the first word said has to be taken as the answer, even if another word is correct.

    Teams alternate, giving new one word clues per turn until one wins or guesses the correct word for a team point.

    Fly Swatter

    2 or more flyswatters

    Vocabulary words are posted on one side of the room.

    2 or more teams (divide class in half)

    A vocabulary definition or a form of a definition is read/told to class.

    1 player from each team (everyone takes a turn) has a fly swatter and runs from a designated area and swats the correct word. No helping from other teammates. Team that chooses the correct word gets a point.

    Partner Matching

    Every students gets either a vocabulary word or a definition on a note card. They are then told to find their partner or match. After everyone is partnered up with either their word or definition, they stand in a circle and read their matches out loud. Any wrong matches can be corrected at this time.


    Students make their own bingo sheet with either definitions or word. Teacher calls out either definitions or words. First to get diagonal, column or row wins.


    Pass the Parcel

    Pass a container around to music. When music stops, person holding the container draws out a question, vocab word or definition. Prize if correct.

    Spin the bottle

    No, kissing…

    Students sit in a circle, teacher or student spins the bottle. Question or vocab word is asked to the one the bottle points to… Prize if correct.

    Orange Crush

    1 or more players

    Students bounce a ball while answering a question.

    Orange; Bounce the ball off the wall and catch it.

    Crush; Throw the ball against the wall and let it bounce before you catch it.

    Pepsi; Bounce the ball on the ground and then the wall before catching it.

    Cola; Throw the ball against the wall by tossing it under your leg and catching it.

    (Add variations, such as clapping or hopping on one foot.)


    One student is the tagger.

    Everyone freezes when one person is tagged. That person must answer a question correctly before anyone can be free again. If incorrect, that person becomes the tagger after that person asks someone frozen to help them answer the question.

    Red Rover

    Divide class into 2 teams. Each team forms a line and each student has a turn picking a student from the other side to answer a question. If the student answers correctly, the person who picked that student goes to that students team. If the student answers incorrectly they must go to the other team. Side with the most students at the end of a specified time period wins.

    Tug of War

    Tug of war rope (PE Dept. may let you borrow theirs)

    Divide class in half, one group on either side of the rope.

    Take turns asking the student at the front of each line curriculum questions. If they get it right they go to the back of their line, if they get it wrong they go to the back of the other teams line. After a specified amount of time have your tug of war.

    Research Run

    One student is the researcher in the middle of the room or small field. All the other students are lined up on one side. The researcher yells out a curriculum unit that they have studied or been studying (ie “Hydrosphere”).

    All the students run to the opposite side of the area. The researcher tags as many other students as he/she can. They freeze where they are until all the students not tagged get to the other side. The tagged students must answer a question given by the teacher from the unit called out, correctly, in order to get back to the line of students. If they answer incorrectly they must become a researcher too and tag other students to find the answer. Last player caught is the winner or the researcher for the next round.



    Have students create their own concentration game on index cards, with vocabulary words and definitions or pictures.

    Jeopardy and other games


    Find Someone Who

    Students must circulate around the room and find different students for the answers to curriculum questions or vocabulary definitions.

    Beat the Teacher

    Students can ask the teacher any question they want from a curriculum they have been studying. If they stump the teacher, they get a prize.

    Vocabulary Improvisation

    Break students into small groups. Give each group one or more vocabulary words and a small amount of specified time. They must act out a story or situation that includes these word, but they cannot say any of the words. Other groups must right down the words they think are being acted out. The group with the most correct written words gets a point. Group with the most points win.

    Hot Seat

    Divide students into 2 or more teams. One student from each team sits in their hot seat facing their team mates. A vocabulary word is shown to the teams but not to the students in the hot seat. The teams then give their teammate in the hot seat clues and or a definition as to what the word is. The first student in the hot seat to yell out (...or write down on a white board, it’s quieter) the correct word, determined by the teacher, gets a point for their team.


    Vocabulary word cards are placed in a container. Students take turns pulling word cards out of the container. If they can define the word they keep the card. If a Bang is pulled out, all the cards they have collected must be returned to the can. The students with the most cards at the end of the game wins. (Can also have curriculum questions on each card).

    Who am I?

    Students ask yes or no questions to the class to determine the vocabulary word attached to a hat he/she is wearing.

    Hollywood Squares (Just like the old TV show)

    A panel of students (9) sit in a tic tac toe configuration.

    2 students can play against each other or, to include all students, you can have 2 teams, “x” and “o”. Flip a coin to start.

    Whichever team starts, picks a student from the panel. The Panel Student is asked a question. They can give a correct or an incorrect answer to the question. That same team can agree or disagree with the panel student’s answer. If the answer is correct and they agree they get the x or o. If the answer is incorrect and they agree the other team gets the x or o. If they disagree and the answer is incorrect they get the x or o. If they disagree and the answer is correct, the other team gets the x or o. Keep playing until one team wins with tic tac toe.


    Vocabulary Word Taboo

    You will need to prepare cards (like the game) before playing. Each card has the vocabulary word and 5 other most frequent words used to describe or define that vocabulary word.

    Stop watch, or egg timer.

    2 or more teams. One student at a time, from each team, will take turns giving clues about vocabulary words to their own team, without using the 5 most frequently used words to describe or define that vocab word. The team gets a point for each correct word in 60 seconds. The team with the most points at the end of the game wins.

    Hopscotch (just like the real game)

    Using masking tape or shower curtain, create a hopscotch board. Inside each square you can put a vocab word or a number that represents a vocab word or curriculum question.

    Divide class into 2 or more teams.

    Students take turns tossing a bean bag or other object onto a square. That student then hops to the square and answers a question. If correct they get a point for their team.


    This can be done in large or small teams.

    With a dice pattern box, students create their own Curriculum question box and play with another student, answering the questions rolled on the dice.

    A Teacher can also make a large set of dice out of boxes, changing the questions with the curriculum. Students must answer the questions rolled on the dice. Points for them or their team if answered correctly.


    Divide the class into 2 or more teams.

    On the board, the teacher draws a gallows for each team.

    One student at a time from each team is asked a question. I the answer is correct no body part is drawn on the gallows. If incorrect a body part is drawn. First team to get hanged loses, or last team to be hanged gets a point.

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