Welcome to our Team!

    Mrs. Beck and Mrs. Zur

    Team Supply List


    All students need the following supplies:

    • Pencils
    • Loose-leaf paper         
    • Colored pencils (can be used for all classes)
    • Highlighters (can be used for all classes)
    • Headphones or earbuds
    • Personal handheld pencil sharpener
    • Tape or glue sticks for notebook
    • Pencil pouch to store personal items


    Optional Supplies:

    • Computer mouse 
    • Personal Chromebook/Laptop
    • Personal Graphing Calculator (TI-84)
    • Two boxes of Kleenex tissues


    Students also need the following supplies for classes:


    Mrs. Beck - Math and Science:

    • (1) - 1 inch 3 ring binder to be used for math and science
    • (2) - 5 subject spiral notebooks (one for math and one for science) 
    • 5 Tab dividers

    Mrs. Zur’s ELA and Social Studies Class:

    • (1) - Spiral 3-subject notebook (for Social Studies)
    • (1) - 3-ring binder (1 ½ inch wide) for ELA
    • 5 tab dividers
    • Red pens for checking

    If you missed the virtual orientation on Thursday, august 13th, here is the link!  There are several links to forms and information in the slideshow, so please make sure to see those!

    Orientation Presentation Beck/Zur


    Join Mrs. Beck’s Math Google Classroom - tfndosj

    Join Mrs. Beck’s Science Google Classroom - iwrkf23

    Join Mrs. Zur’s 1st Block ELA - 3pbj6ms

    Join Mrs. Zur’s 2nd Block ELA - kjrvwyd

    Join Mrs. Zur’s 3rd Block #1 (Zur’s Homeroom Students) - SS - lcxe7cr

    Join Mrs. Zur’s 3rd block #2 (Beck’s Homeroom Students) - SS - 7l6apea


  • ALL students should be reading 20-30 minutes daily at home.  Students must complete 4 independently read novels during the grading period.  Completion and comprehension will be assessed through choice board projects.

    Please encourage your child to read by talking to him/her about the book brought home each day. 



    This year all ELA classes at HMS will be using a program called Wit & Wisdom.  This reading program was adopted by Caldwell County Schools because it has shown research-based success with students.  This will be a change for all students.  Students will be trained in the first module at the beginning of the year to familiarize them with the notebook sections and how the reading studies will flow.  There are 4 modules that teachers will cover throughout the school year.  These modules will have students reading novels, poetry, essays, nonfiction, examining works of art, and doing vocabulary study and writing.


    The Accelerated Reader program will no longer be used at HMS.  Students are still expected to read self-selected texts from the media center or on their own to complete the 4-book reading requirement for my class this year.  They will be given opportunities to visit the media center to check out books of their choice.


    We will still be using the STAR reading assessments throughout the year to gauge student progress and reading levels.