Ms. Reavis' Class

  • Social Studies Supply List                            ELA Supply List


    Notebook paper                                                      2" three-ring binder

    Pencils with erasers/Pens                                       tab dividers (5 pack)

    1 1/2"Three-ring binder                                          notebook paper

    colored pencils/markers                                          

    tape/glue stick

  • Classroom Ground Rules

     hobbes looking around corner

    1. Be prepared and on time
    2. Respect yourself, peers, and all adults
    3. Raise your hand to be recognized
    4. Follow all school rules and have a great year!
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  • What are we learning?



    We are using a new program titled Wit & Wisdom, beginning with Module 0 which introduces students to the key components and features that will be used in Modules 1-4. "This introductory module serves to cultivate a community of readers and writers. The Wit & Wisdom program design fosters a classroom culture that instills a love of reading, builds stamina for close careful analysis of texts, encourages attention to language and its power, and cultivates academic discourse that values inquiry, open-mindedness, and reasoning." (Wit & Wisdom)


    Social Studies

    Yearly Focus:United States history and how if affected North Carolina


    We will begin with an introduction to Social Studies and Geography of NC