• 108/p131275346_430.jpg

    Zach & Jackson are enjoying our

    St. Patrick's Day activities.

    They always find time to stop and

    smile for the camera!

  • 108/p444634750_45315.jpg

    Cailey is busy looking up important

    facts about the country of Ireland.

  • 108/p612118457_45316.jpg

    Tinisha is using green peppers

    to make colorful shamrock prints!

  • 108/p1917037335_45317.jpg

    Logan and Nicole are learning

    about what the 3 different

    colors of the Irish flag


  • 108/p89577673_45318.jpg

    Marcus & Tyler are making

    St. Patrick's Day pictures of


  • 108/p1457906780_45319.jpg

    "Top of the morning to you Cameron!"

  • 108/p952496170_431.jpg

    "Where in the world is Ireland anyway?"

    Noah learned that Ireland is a part

    of Europe.