First Grade with Mrs. Littell 



                School Supplies

    • 1-1 inch Clear View black 3 ring binder
    • 1- 1/2 inch Clear View white 3 ring binder
    • 1-Transparent 3-hole pencil pouch put inside binder
    • 1-pack #2 Yellow pencils 
    • 1-pack large pink erasers 
    • 1 or 2 boxes (24 count) Crayons
    • 12 large glue sticks 
    • 1-pack fine tipped Dry Erase Markers (EXPO works best)
    • 1-clipboard (optional)
    • 1-scissors (optional)
    • 1-earbuds/headphones 
    • 1 plastic pencil box
    • 2-composition books-NOT spiraled
    • 1-Book Bag (no rolling book bags)
    • 2-boxes of Kleenex
    • Wish List: baby wipes, disinfecting wipes, paper towels, ziplock bags, 
  •  Class Information


     Class Rules:  1.  Be Responsible    2. Be Respectful     3.  Be Safe


    Day 1- Music     Day 2- P.E.   Day 3- Art    Day 4- Computers     Day 5- P.E.     Day 6- Media

    Lunch 11:07-11:32

    *Each student may bring a healthy individual snack to have in the afternoon. *

    Support Staff:

    *Shelley Triplett, School Social Worker - School social workers work with students, families, and staff.  Together we can move barriers to your child's education and enhance their learning.  School Social Workers assist with student or family needs, obtain available resources, and make referrals to community services if needed.  Shelley is a native of Hudson and most familiar with the Hudson area and the available resources in our county.  Please call upon Shelley if you have any needs or concerns.  She is available for you! 


    * Dear: Parent/Guardian 

        You can now apply for free and reduced meal applications now before school even starts.

        Go on-line to www.lunchapplication.com   

                   Thank you,

                   The child nutrition department  

  • Math

    Having a strong sense of numbers is crucial. Students will learn how to identify numbers in word form, picture form, standard form, and tallies. They will explore different ways to compose and decompose numbers. After they gain some understanding of numbers, we will start adding one digit numbers as well as solving simple word problems. Because we will use numbers every day, it is important for your child to be able to read numbers in both word form and numerically.  You can even play a matching game by matching the word form with the standard form. You could also play a clue game with your child. Example: "I am looking for the number that is one more than eight."

  • Science

    We are learning about rocks and minerals and how we use them.  

  • READING Reading

    Our goal for the first nine weeks is to master Dolch Lists 1-3 and have 25 books recorded in their reading log.  I add the books that I assign with the books you record on the fun reading log to get the 25 books. Please read with your child every night. Take turns reading together and enjoying some great books!

  • Social Studies

     For the next couple of months, we will be learning about different holidays and how they are celebrated.