• Guidelines

    The Education Foundation will hold the annual student Kaleidoscope T-shirt logo search. The selected entry will be used on the Education Foundation's Kaleidoscope 2019 T-shirt billboard/ticket and program. All Caldwell County students, grades K-12 are eligible.

    Students must adhere to the following guidelines to be eligible for the judging phase of the competition: 

    • Entries are not required to have the caption Kaleidoscope 2020 but can be encouraged to do so if the caption works into the art. If caption is not included the Education Foundation will direct T-Shirt printers to include on t-shirt. 
    • All art must maintain a theme pertaining to a/all performing art(s) or visual art(s). Entries can include one or more or all of the performing arts represented at Kaleidoscope: dance, drama, music, performance artists such as magicians, jugglers, etc.
    • Only one entry per student.
    • Each school may submit up to 25 entries.
    • There is not a size limitation or requirement. There is not a color limit or media restriction.
    • Entries should have name of student/school and grade on back or art work. Please use a label to print name, grade and school. Ink shows through when the scanner is used. Labels used on back do not bleed through the artwork.

    Deadline for art is December 18, 2019 no later than 5:00 p.m. Please try to incorporate into your fall semester and deliver to the Education Foundation.

    One entry will be selected for the Kaleidoscope 2020 T-shirt. 

    • A cash award of $500.00 will go to the selected entry's school's art department. 
    • Winner will receive free t-shirt and tickets to the show for family.
    • Entries will be returned.
    • Selected logo will be displayed at the Education Center.