We are seeking sponsors to support our incentive based rewards program in our physical education classes.  Sponsorships will help cover the cost of tee-shirts that we will give students upon task completion. The two specific areas we are focusing on are:


    1.      P.E. Student of the Month- Each week in P.E. two students from each class are chosen as our students of the week.  At the end of each month every student’s name that has been chosen as student of the week goes into a hat and two names are drawn for our student of the month. Two names will be drawn as tee-shirt winners along with another small prize. It is our hope that this will encourage and motivate our students to be active. 

    2.      FITNESSGRAM Award- Students participating in this program will be awarded a tee-shirt at the end of the year on awards day. This shirt will go to students who have shown improvement in five specific areas of testing. Students are highly motivated to “earn” these shirts.


    We are seeking a $50 donation from each sponsor.  Your company’s name and contact information will appear on the back of each tee-shirt.  Donations of more than $50 are welcome and sincerely appreciated.  Thank you for supporting the physical education department and the students of Hudson Elementary School. Should you need or want additional information, please contact us at



    **Tax ID #  56-6000998

    **Write checks to:  Hudson Elementary School