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    WELCOME TO Mrs. Keller's 2nd GRADE CLASS

  • MATH






    We will continue working on addition with 2 digit numbers with regrouping.  We will be starting money, counting with coins, quarter, dimes, nickel and pennies.

    Math Facts quizes on Fridays




  • Important Dates and Reminders

    Important Dates


    Important Dates and Information to Remember:


    * Look at and initial agendas nightly in the DOG

    * 7:15 is the earliest that your child can be dropped off at school in the mornings

    *  All car riders should be picked up by 3:00

    • Please send a snack daily for your child.
    • You may want to send a light jacket for your child. The temperature varies some days.

            *Don't forget to read 20 min. each night, and write the title of the book and initials in the DOG. Please do the nightly assignment in the homework sleeve.

      *Great websites for learning multiplication and other math skills: www.multiplication.comwww.aaamath.com   www.mathdrills.com www.mathslice.com www.totally3rdgrade  




    No school on 11/11, Veteran's Day

    No school on 11/27, 11/28, 11/29 Thanksgiving Holiday









  • Classroom Information

    fall leaves


    Students will be allowed to make up missed assignments within a time limit.  Students will be notified in their agendas time allotted for make up work/tests.  If that deadline is missed, the student will receive a failing grade.


    Agenda: Any homework will be written in the Agenda daily.  If a rule is broken, the student will write the broken rule or the unacceptable behavior at the bottom of that day in the agenda.  .  Please initial the agenda nightly stating that you saw the agenda.    Please record the title of the book that is read each night for 20 min in the agenda for that night and initial.  Do the nightly reading assisgnment for that night also.

      Discipline: Class Rules

    1. Listen to teacher and peers

    2. Practice courtesy, kindness, respect

    3. Follow directions

    4. Respond to every situation with thought

        Lunchroom: Please come and eat with your child whenever possible.  Please sign in at the office and wait for your child at the cafeteria.  Our lunch time is  11:47-12:12.

      Attendance:  Please send a note for the day your child returns to school after an absence.  This will be given to the office.  The office will record your child's absence, excused or unexcused.

      If you want to send cupcakes for a birthday, we will take them to lunch to eat for dessert.


       Students will be given a warning and then marked on a behavior chart when a rule is broken after a  warning.  Discipline concerns that affect student learning will be addressed as needed with student, parent, teacher, and principal.


      D.O.G.: Daily Organization Guide: The DOG will contain the Agenda and several sleeves and a folder.  These should be checked each night.

      Please note any change in student transportation must  be received in writing.  Any persons picking up a student must be listed on the permission to pick up list.

          Also reminders of events and anything else that needs to be addressed or reinforced will be  in the Agenda and sent through dojo.

       A good learning experience is built on a cooperative effort involving parent, child and teacher.  I promise to keep good communication skills open and expect the same from my parents and students.  My expectations for academic growth and conduct are high.  With your participation and support in and out of the classroom, we can look forward to a productive and enjoyable year together.

         Perri Jeanne Keller









  • Reading/Language Arts

    READING- " Little Grunt and th Big Egg"  Fantasy- a fantasy is a story or daydream very different from reality.

    Vocabulary words-  brunch    peaceful    omelet     erupting    lava    escape

    *Spelling words-    joyful     choice    voice    joint   moist    spoil     royal    annoy    noise    employ    soil    loyal    boiled     destroy     pointy     earthquake     volcano     weather    rumble

    Grammar-  Plura nouns-  Singular noun names one person, animal, place, or thing.  A plural noun names more than one person, animal, place, or thing.  Add s or es to make most nouns plural.  For nouns that end in a consonant and y, change y to i and add es.