• Math EOG Prep Questions:

    1. Mrs. Gainey needs to buy string for 5 students to do a science activity.  Each student needs 2 feet of blue string and 1 foot of red string.  How many yards of string does Mrs. Gainey need to buy?

    2. Ellen is making a sandwich using 3 slices of meat.  She has one slice each of turkey, ham and chicken.  In how many different orders can she stack the slices?

    3. 3 x 9 =

    4. What is 15 less than 43?

    5. Katie has a gymnastics class every Saturday morning for 2 hours and 45 minutes.  The class starts at 8:30.  What time does class end?

    6. Which angle is exactly 90 degrees? a. acute      b. right    c. obtuse     d. straight

    7. How many sides does a trapazoid have?

    8. Jim drank 6 cups of milk on Friday and 4 cups of milk on Saturday.  How many pints of milk did Jim drink?

    9. What shape has exacty 4 sides, only 2 of which are parallel?

    10. Subtract: 2/3 - 1/2 = ?

    11. Sam and Stan are twins.  However, Stan is 15 pounds heavier than Sam.  Write an equation using p for how much Sam weighs.

    12. Solve the following equation to find n.  200-n=142

    13. What type of triangle has 3 sides of equal length?

    14. Divide: 4/5 divided by 1/2

    15. Ian measured the window in his bedroom.  It is 321 cm high.  About how many meters high is his window?