• 2nd Grade Class Schedule

    We will try to follow our schedule as closely as possible. Please keep in mind we may have to change the order of our day around some but, we will try to keep our transitions as close to the schedule as possible. You will see listed below our daily schedule, our schedule for special activities like music, computer, etc.

    8:00-8:45-Check-in, breakfast, and morning work ... AR, Journals, Daily Practice, ect.

    8:30-Morning Announcements/ Calm classroom activity

    8:40-8:45- Bathroom Break

    8:45-9:00- Calendar 

    9:00-9:20- Handwriting


    10:00-10:45-Moby Max Reading/ Math for remediation

    10:45-11:00- Healthful Living

    11:00-11:15- Letterland


    11:40-11:45-Calm Classroom/Bathroom


    12:10-12:45- Science/Social Studies/ or Physical Activity

    12:45- Bathroom and Calm Classroom Activity

    *On days we have music, computer, library, or counseling we will have physical activity from 12:10 -12:45. 

    1:00 to 1:30-Math Investigations

    1:30-Stations to complete the day and begin packing up.

     In second grade our specials are every day from 1:00 to 1:30.

    Monday, Tuesday, and Friday we have PE. Our PE teacher is here on Tuesday.

    Wednesday we have Computer and/or Library.

    Thursday we have Counseling with Mrs. Oakes our school counselor.

    Please feel free to call if you have any questions 828-726-3855. You can also write a note in the planner or e-mail me from this site, which ever is best for you. As always, Thank you for your support!!